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FIF 2022 "Winter Campaign" Map (Flying Circus)


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FIF 2022 "Winter Campaign" Map:

FIF 2021 "Winter Campaign" is fictitious with little historical precedent.

The Kuban map from the Battle of Kuban module will be used.  The combat area is centered around the city of Krasnodar (Краснода́р).

You do not need to have the Battle of Kuban module to use the map.  Additionally, please note that this map has had its texture files modified for use in the Flanders In Flames tournament.  Specifically, we have created a No Man's Land and safe places for landing.

All participating pilots will need to download and install a special folder to their game to see these changes.




FIFK File Instructions:

To ensure that you see the Kuban map correctly, download the following file:

This is a texture update to the map.  It is not a core game modification.  Please keep your IL-2 game MODS OFF.

Once the file has been downloaded, examine the fifk.zip.  It contains a "fifk" folder, which contains the following three files:

  • Surface_k.dat
  • Surface_kTex.txt
  • textures_k.tini

Hand place the "fifk" folder, containing these three files, into the following location:  

X:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\Multiplayer\Dogfight\

The "fifk" folder, containing the three files, should be within the Dogfight folder.

After installation, go to the FIF server and test your game on the map.  Fly around.

If you see a black screen or weird discoloration, there is an error, and you need to reexamine the "fifk" folder to make sure that it has been placed correctly.  Ensure that your "fifk" folder is not within another "fifk" folder!


Map Overview:

Historically, this region saw fierce fighting during the Russian Civil War (1917-1922).  It is being used to represent a generalized Eastern Front scenario.

The Central Powers are in the West.  The Entente Powers are in the East.

  • Two-seater bases are underlined in yellow.

Not every icon on the map is a live target.  Active targets for each side will be numbered and announced as "live" during the session.

There is no flak fence.  Flak guns are stationed at the front to act as spotters, alerting you to the presence of enemy aircraft.  The real danger when crossing enemy lines is the machine guns, which run along the trenches and reach approximately 5000 ft.

Machine guns have been removed from active targets.  All operational targets will instead have one flak gun, except the factory target.  Factory targets will have two flak guns.

If there are any questions, please contact @Butzzell, @Klaiber, @Vonrd, or @Heinrich.

. . .

"Odd" Map for Sessions:


"Even" Map for Sessions:


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