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TM Warthog Throttle Device Descriptor Request Failed


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22 minutes ago, Britchot said:

  Virpil is a Lithuanian company, for anyone interested. 

Actually, the stuff is manufactured / assembled in Belarus then shipped to Lithuania and from there distributed / shipped. I have the CM3 throttle. My issues are mostly with trying to get the rotary encoders to work as an axis (like a potentiometer) and I haven't had much success. The toggle switches seem a bit cheap and coarse but they work OK. I keep having issues with my PTT but it works fine in the software and all other things. I think TS just doesn't like it for some reason.

Here's the forum link regarding ordering and sanctions so far:


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But then, there's this:


Hello everyone

We certainly appreciate everyone's concern, but I would like to confirm not only that the entire VIRPIL Controls project is continuing to operate as usual, but also that our production factory; Terrazyt Plus Ltd, owner of TM VIRPIL Controls, is registered in FEZ Grodnoinvest (https://grodnoinvest.by/en/). This registration means that no taxes are paid to the Belarusian government.


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Well, here's the plan:

  1. I already sent an email to the Canadian repairer on Ebay, looking for an estimate for his return to service.
  2. I'll start the hoop jumping with TM to see about ordering a new PCB.
  3. If either of these is over a long period, I'll order a new throttle. 

In any case, I'm out of flying for the next several weeks. 

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6 hours ago, Britchot said:

Just got a Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed) in my device manager. 


Going to ship off to this cat for $30, I could probably drive to him, lol. I'm surprised this isn't @Lipfert

So tempted to get a new throttle. 

If I only had the time !

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I have here at my home a Thrustmaster Warthog Throttle, which I don´t use anymore (changed to a Virpil CM2). The issues are, that the thumb switch is disabled on mine, so you have to assamble your thumb switch into to get a full working one and I´m located in Germany. The shipping costs won´t be cheap and the delivery takes some time. But if you are interested write me a PM.

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Finally got to pre-order the F-16 TQS from WinWing. They had it back ordered to start supplying Feb 15th, then they kicked it back to March 15 then it was Out Of Stock with no date at all. I keep checking each day and sure enough it popped this morning. Could still be months away but at least something is moving. 

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Oh, for anyone curious, the replacement and firmware update went well.  I found the calibration tool for my slew modification and the throttle is back up and running.

In other news, my Reverb randomly disconnecting has pissed me off for the last time and I've shelved it, going to my Oculus Rift S.  With that, I will be able to stabilize my replay and hope to be getting back into streaming flight sims.  If I get bored or WMR finally implements stabilization in it's mirror like Oculus did, I'll see about modifying the Reverb for a direct connection to the headset.

I'll have to buy another VR headset for the wife's computer, but I think I'll go with a Oculus Quest 2, so it can be wirelessly enjoyed with other games. 

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