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Samsung G9 Odyssey 49" curved screen monitor


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I spent a couple of hours with my Godfather (Snaggle) working on graphics and monitors and we put the new monitor through its paces and it is spectacular. 

For someone that doesn't like/want VR....  this is fantastic and it makes using your expensive hardware peripherals a snap. All this and we have not even pushed it so far as it is capable of 240hz refresh rate. It is truly immersive, I almost ducked when I closed the canopy on the 109. 

I got it for my driving sim...   but now I have to get another one for the flight sim... I have been trying to think of a way to talk myself out of it and I can't come up with a reason. 



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I don't remember the size but I think mine is somewhere in the 30" range but my monitor is curved and it's great.  I would love to upgrade to something a bit bigger but there are a lot of things pulling at my wallet right now and computer stuff is at the absolute bottom of the priority list.  For anyone thinking about going to a curved monitor for sims I would highly recommend it.

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