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timetable commands

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Ive got a really good working custom new guinea 42 campaign, with extra locations such as the airfield and airstrip on Goodenough Island actually being used by DCG! Much more interesting than continually operating out of Schwimmer! However, I digress. What is going on is the campaign seems to stall into a stalemate with the same types of missions repeating over and over, with no ground forces actually occupying any new territory. So, my fix for the stalemate is the timetable file, and I have discovered the TCapture feature and it works great for artificially advancing the war. Now my question is, is there a list of all the commands and the format of the command accepted for the timetable feature anywhere? Up to now I have just been copying what is in the excellent Solomons section of Paul's timetable file, but Im sure there are more commands?

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