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Flying a 1954 MiG 15 Fighter Jet 540 MPH

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1 hour ago, Flyboy said:

I just noticed that the ADI is totally upside down from a modern airplane. Usually brown is ground and blue sky is up.

Cheaper to produce? Kommissar says we must be prudent with the People's Rubles... no?

https://aviation.stackexchange.com/questions/73769/why-are-the-colors-of-the-mig-15s-attitude-indicator-inverted#:~:text=The Russian attitude display works,inverted the colors to compensate.

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3 hours ago, Klaiber said:

This is common in Soviet designs.  Brown is still the ground and the sky is still blue.  Vonrd's link above is a good one.

That is just so wrong! Bad enough trying to read the altimeters and such on German aircraft and now this??

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3 hours ago, Vonrd said:

He looked to have busted a few FAA regs. Sure didn't look like he was 500 ft min altitude and well above 250 kts below 10,000 ft several times! Very cool though.

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