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I have a good track regarding the MiG-15 gunsight that I'd like to make a video of. I think it would be helpful.

I am totally ignorant on how to do so. I just did a Google search and got frustrated. It's late and I thought it best to ask the community for recommendations.

I have Shadowplay, OBS Studio and Fraps. I'd like to add voice commentary. Please direct me to good tutorials. 


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7 hours ago, Vonrd said:

OBS Studio

This is what I use for recording the replays so I can edit them.

3 hours ago, Rotermann said:

now you need video editing software

I use the Pro version of VideoPad, the price seemed to be on par with other and I started out with their free version:



Not the fanciest software but gets the job done IMO.

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I use DaVinci Resolve 17 to edit. Never had a better editor in my life, and the full version is free to use. It's widely used in the professional and academic worlds as well.



This is the tutorial I used to get up and running. You could browse through to see if you like the look of it.

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Well, my experience is very basic, the only films I produced so far was the one with my dughter landing and that one from the last TiF-Session:


...and for those I used the Windows Movie Maker. Although Windows warns that this tool is not included in Windows 10 I had no problem finding a free version of it.

!st I simply used the Windows Screen Recording Utility (Windows+G) and the parts I combined with the Movie Maker. For my use it was good enough and usage is really pretty simple to learn, did not need any tutorial...  

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