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Spring Sale Started today (4/15/22)


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Spring Sale Launched! 50% - 85% Off Select Titles! Sopwith Triplane, B-26 and more in the works!

Attention Pilots!

We have launched our Spring (Easter) Sale on Steam and our Webstore! As usual we are offering HUGE discounts on all your favorite Sturmovik and Rise of Flight titles and content. Remember you can buy and send any of our titles as Gifts to all your wingmates, friends and family!

The sale runs from April 15th until April 29th with savings up to 85% Off in the Official Webstore and on Steam!

Tank Crew – Clash at Prokhorovka – 66% OFF for the first time ever! (Website and Steam)
Includes two single-player campaigns

GAZ-MM 72-K (25mm) Vehicle Mounted Anti-Aircraft Gun – 50% OFF (Website and Steam)

Sd.Kfz. 10/5 Flak 38 (20mm) Vehicle Mounted Anti-Aircraft Gun – 50% OFF (Website and Steam)

Battle of Stalingrad all editions – 85% OFF (Website and Steam)

Battle of Moscow – 75% OFF (all editions on Website and Steam)

Battle of Kuban – 75% OFF (all editions on Website and Steam)
Includes a single-player campaign

Battle of Bodenplatte – 75% OFF (all editions on Website and Steam)

Flying Circus Volume I – 66% OFF (Website and Steam)
Includes two single-player campaigns

Cliffs of Dover Blitz – 35% OFF (Website)

Desert Wings – Tobruk – 20% OFF (Website)

All Rise of Flight Content – 75% OFF (Website and Steam)

Collector Planes

Hurricane MK.II – 66% OFF (Website and Steam)

P-38J-25 – 75% OFF (Website and Steam)
A free campaign is available for owners of this aircraft and Bodenplatte!

Fw 190 D-9 – 75% OFF (Website and Steam)

Yak-9 – 66% OFF (Website and Steam)

Yak-9T – 66% OFF (Website and Steam)

Hs 129 – 85% OFF (Website and Steam)

P-40 – 85% OFF (Website and Steam)

MC.202 – 85% OFF (Website and Steam)

La-5 – 85% OFF (Website and Steam)

Fw 190 A-3 – 85% OFF (Website and Steam)

Yak-1b – 75% OFF (Website and Steam)
Now with a female pilot option!

Spitfire Mk.VB – 75% OFF (Website and Steam)

U-2VS – 75% OFF (Website and Steam)
Now with female crew option!

Ju 52 – 75% OFF (Website and Steam)

La-5FN – 75% OFF (Website and Steam)

Bf 109 G-6 – 75% OFF (Website and Steam)


Steel Birds Scripted Campaign – 50% OFF for the first time ever! (Website)

Ice Ring Scripted Campaign – 66% OFF (Website and Steam)

Hell Hawks Over the Bulge Scripted Campaign – 66% OFF (Website Only)

Ten days of Autumn Scripted Campaign – 75% OFF (Website Only)

Blazing Steppe Scripted Campaign – 75% OFF (Website and Steam)

Fortress on the Volga Scripted Campaign – 75% OFF (Website and Steam)

Havoc Over the Kuban Scripted Campaign – 75% OFF (Website Only)

Achtung Spitfire! Scripted Campaign – 75% OFF (Website Only)

NOTE: having at least the base game (Stalingrad) on Steam means you can launch it from the Steam client without entering a login and password and you can access your IL-2 content purchased elsewhere if you link the accounts.

Sopwith Triplane Coming to Flying Circus Vol. II

One of the more distinctive aircraft from WWI is coming very soon to Flying Circus – Vol. II – the Sopwith Triplane! The “Tripe” as it was sometimes called is an iconic fighter plane that personified radical design experimentation during the Great War. If two wings were good, then three must be better! The Tripe was a very popular plane in Rise of Flight and we hope our new version here in FC2 will prove just as popular. The Tripe is coming in the 4.704 update which we plan to release before the end of the month. This is the tenth and final plane to be included in Flying Circus – Vol. II and completes the plane-set while we work with our partner Ugra Media to complete the new Western Front map. Check her out in the pics below!


B-26 (AI) Coming to Battle of Normandy

Our new B-26 is in a state of late development and will be coming to Battle of Normandy and the Great Battles series as a whole in the coming weeks. Event though it is an AI piloted plane, the B-26 brings new mission possibilities for all modes of gameplay for the Great Battles series. The USAAF 9th Air Force used the B-26 extensively in Europe during the war and it bombed tactical targets on a daily basis such as bridges, airfields, railyards, troop encampments and invasion beaches. We’ve modeled the B-26B-55 variant and we will also include several beautiful skins that depict aircraft of the era. You will encounter her in Campaigns and Careers and you can include her in any custom missions you build. She’s sleek, fast and powerful!


Controller Profile Feature in Development

In Developer Diary #313 we discussed the new Joystick Profile feature we are working on for Great Battles. The system will allow for assigning key maps, joystick curves to custom input profiles which can be assigned to individual planes or set as default. Head on over to the official forum to learn more and see some very early screens.

We wish all of you a wonderful Spring season and a Happy Easter to you and your families!

The Sturmovik Team

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