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Tacview update


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FYI, in case you were unaware, there was an update recently:


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Tacview 1.8.8 is now available on tacview.net and Steam!


Download: https://tacview.net/download

  • Release Date: Fri, 6 May 2022
  • Operating System: Windows® 32-bit / 64-bit
  • File Size: 599.8 MB

I know, it’s been six months since the last update… This is because I am now focused on Tacview 2 development: Currently working the brand new 2D/3D Vulkan/Metal renderer which – ultimately – should offer much higher performance compared to Tacview 1. Don’t know how much faster yet, but the goal is to be able to display millions synthetic buildings and trees on the ground, so any action taking place low and slow (from tanks to helicopters), will have a nicely detailed debriefing.


Meanwhile, in parallel, with the help of BuzyBee, we are continuing to update Tacview 1 content, fixing bugs, and developing news addons to help you with everyday flights as well as special events streaming.


I still cannot promise any release data for Tacview 2, be assured that I am working hard on it!


Happy flights!
Vyrtuoz & BuzyBee




  • ADDED CTRL + mouse wheel to zoom in and out on charts Y axis
  • ADDED objects colors can now be customized via Data-ObjectsColors.xml
  • ADDED support for Cyan and Yellow colored objects
  • ADDED support for DCS: AH-64D
  • ADDED new DCS World Syria Map terrain and runways
  • ADDED Mach number to X-Plane advanced telemetry
  • ADDED terrain & data layers options for ARMA 3 (no data is yet included)
  • ADDED support for grenades
  • ADDED remote controls API for C++/C#/Lua addons
  • ADDED Excel file import to the database builder addon
  • ADDED Control Zone add-on to display control zone of selected aircraft (for dogfighting)
  • ADDED Airboss add-on to display hits during real-time telemetry (later will display kills)
  • ADDED support for radar range gate properties & display
  • ADDED numerous entries to the database
  • IMPROVED media synchronization when playback is paused and during online debriefing
  • IMPROVED custom textures loading order is now the same as declaration order
  • IMPROVED lag spikes filtering in telemetry charts
  • IMPROVED X-Plane exporter is now using the most recent non leap year for current time instead of hardcoded one
  • IMPROVED csv importer now sets object name based on the csv filename
  • IMPROVED Korea & Balkans database and terrain for BMS 4.35.3
  • IMPROVED Terrain downloader addon by removing hardcoded path




  • FIXED helicopter vs plane type detection for X-Plane 11.30+
  • FIXED anticipatory trail display during real-time telemetry
  • FIXED beginning of speed curves in charts
  • FIXED visual oscillations during scrolling of some charts curves
  • FIXED flight-log names readability in some rare cases



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