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Best Damn Defensive Video You'll Ever See


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I saw this video this morning and boy have I been looking forward to this one. Mike has really put out some of the best instructional videos out there, and this was the one I was waiting for. I was gonna put this in the DCS section, but really these concepts are applicable to all aircraft right down to the canvas birds, so I thought I'd put it out here. There are three main talking points, and Mike breaks down the exact logic and reasoning of when and why to use all of them.

- The Tighten Down (TD) - Pulling harder than sustained for a short duration to spoil a guns solution, or at least make it more difficult.

- The Out of Plane Maneuver (OOP) - Pushing the stick forward to unload the Gs from the aircraft, rolling your lift vector out of plane, and then resuming a sustained turn.

- The Jink - Throttle to idle, roll OOP with lift vector underneath the bandit, and pull to maximum deflection until the aircraft stalls.

My big takeaways were on the OOP maneuver and the jink. The OOP takes far less roll to make it effective than I thought, and there is an awesome clip of Mike doing three or four OOPs in succession where if you imagine lining up a solution you can tell how frustrating it would be to get hits. Finally, on the jink I never realized quite how violent it was supposed to be, and this shows why it should be your last ditch move. All-in-all, I think this is one of the best videos to watch if you want to make yourself a harder target. 


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