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A friend of mine took his young son to one of these.... it was the Naval battle R/C stuff with all scales of ships...  which made it funny when a giant Fletcher Class DD was bigger than a small scale model of the Tirpitz.... but these are the models with the balsa sides on them and the CO2 cannons that shoot BB's and they sink each other and then refloat and repair and do it again. 

SO.... they decided to have the "National Championship" and the game was the Allied side was going to escort this merchant ship and the Axis fleet was going to try and sink it. Well... they didn't have anyone that wanted to handle the merchant ship.... no guns... no funs.....  so he volunteered his son who was thrilled to get to play with anything. So while they were all banging away at each other and retrieving and repairing and refloating... he just kept sailing back and forth across the pond and scored a point for each trip (their rules) so at the end of the day... all the guys with the battleships and cruisers that blasted each other all afternoon score points for sinking and being sunk... no one sank the merchant ship and guess who won the "Nationals."   

What a crack up. 

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Aaah Pioneers. I was member of that organization. That was still Czechoslovakia.

It was not Communist Hitlerjugend. At least not the Czechoslovak version and in the 80's.

We did some boring stuff like taking care of war graves holding honor guards next to war memorials in full pioneer uniform.

You can imagine as a child I found that extremely boring so my participation was quite sparse.

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