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Understanding Rate of Promotion by Rank

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Greetings ,

And I start by apologizing if this has been asked and answered before ; if so please direct me by link to the relevant thread.


The question is :

How does DCG ( or any other campaign format in IL2 ) determine when ( any ) Rank Promotion ( NOT Medal Awards )

is made. I know there is a setting which affects this rate , but I would like to know what the baseline criteria for

these advancements is.  Total Points accumulated ? Aircraft Shot Down Points accumulated ?


Any explanation would be very much appreciated.

Is there any way to affect the assessment of this criteria ? For instance so that a Jabo gets more points for Gattack success than Air to Air success ,

or a Level Bomber gets more points for a successful drop on target than for enemy interceptors destroyed ?


Any help illuminating this subject would be a big help.



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Promotions are based on a combination of kills, ground targets destroyed and the number of missions flown.  I don't have the formula handy (requires rooting through the code on another computer).  I don't recall there being any weighting for kills for fighter pilots or bombs for bomber pilots....

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