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Eastern Time Zone. Florida, USA

Thrustmaster HOTAS T16000M

Discord, have built in microphone on G2. Do not have Team Speak.

VR (HP Reverb G2)

IL-2 All collector planes, both FC's, Normandy, Bodenplatte, Stalingrad, Moscow, Kuban, Tank Crew. Might have been easier to just say all but the C-47 only  because it is not out at this time...

Cliffs of Dover, no Tobruk. Don't fly these since going VR, that and I PIF'ed my TrackIR to my wife's son. Besides heard a rumor they might be VR soon.

No DCS cause my better half thinks I spent to much on IL-2 ?????

The things women think!!! Why doesn't she understand that if I'm flying, I'm not out gallivanting and getting into mischief !

IL-2 Forum is where you found me? or is that the other way around???




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Well Gentlemen my most sincere apologies. I should have read the Dicta before posting here for membership.

"5. Unless given a special exemption by the JG1 Stab, we prohibit pilots from holding membership within other outside flight simulator squadrons."

Part of the reason I applied was that my squadron does not fly on a regular basis, more on a whim and spur of the moment. I assumed that as an applicant I could make every single Friday or Saturday 2100 hour NA session, so I applied without knowledge of the Dicta. Then I do a follow up and read on Discord about Tuesday and Thursday training at 2100 hours, which I would not be able to attend due to rising early for work ( Such a dirty four letter word but gotta eat and pay bills. ) at 0400 hours Monday thru Friday.

The squadron I am a member within does a great job of teamwork, esprit de corp, tactics and mutual support when they fly, just wished they would fly more often... However that being said, I joined with them and can not with good conscious leave them.

If you as a squadron leaders and members have no objections, I can fly ad hoc with members as I did last night with the three outstanding Gentlemen who allowed me to join their server mission.


Once again my most sincere apology for my mistake. If you deem it necessary I will voluntarily terminate my account here and not fly with your squadron members. Thank you for your time and consideration.




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Hi @Stahl,

My apologies for not getting back to you sooner.  Unfortunately, this week has been relatively busy, so my time online has been short.

I knew you were a member of SIA, so when I contacted you, I was going to ask about that.

Honestly, you’re more than welcome to join us whenever you’d like.  No JG1 membership is needed.  So if you see us online, please join us.

I’ve given you some more access to our Discord server (you’re now a Trusted Guest).  And I’ll DM you on Discord with our TeamSpeak information.  I know you said you don’t have that program, but the data can’t hurt.

Also, if you don’t mind, let SIA know that JG1 is interested in joint practices/events.  We have good ties to SCG and ACG as well.  So we might be able to get something good going.

Talk more soon!



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Thank you Gentlemen. I have had some text conversations with the CO @Klaiber and found the agreement to be mutual in as far as flights with the Squadron. I will be joining in on some pug flights and training sessions when available and will see you in the air.


Thank you, each of you for such a warm welcome.

Thank you for allowing me to participate as well.


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