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JG1 is proud to present - ACME: Aces Over Arras


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JG1 is proud to present:

Air Combat Multiplayer Events (ACME)!



ACME is a series of homegrown one-shot competitions that use the IL-2: Flying Circus, IL-2: Great Battles, and DCS World Open Beta simulators.

Some ACME events have the most basic rules, concentrating on fun-fly matches for the open community.

Other ACME events are flown as serious online contests using “dead-is-dead.” In those matches, each player only has one pilot per night.

Details regarding ACME events are always posted well before the event date, with clear instructions on what registered pilots and guests should expect.

Our second ACME offering is "Aces Over Arras," created by JG1_Butzzell!

Aces Over Arras is a fun event for IL-2: Flying Circus, using the WW1 map and a 1917/1918 plane-set.

Aces Over Arras is a semi-fictitious event with little historical precedent.  The aircraft are selected to suggest the pitched air battles of World War One, not replicate an actual battle.

Scout aircraft are unlimited in number.  However, mission-specific aircraft are limited to six total per type.

All scouts are stationed at non-mission aerodromes.  Scout pilots need to rendezvous with the multicrew aircraft they will be escorting.

Central Powers:

  • Fokker Dr.1 - unlimited
  • Pfalz D.IIIa - unlimited
  • DFW C.V [arty bomber] – 6 total
  • Gotha G.V [strategic bomber] – 6 total
  • Halberstadt CL.II [recon] – 6 total 

Entente Powers:

  • Sopwith Camel - unlimited
  • Sopwith Triplane – unlimited
  • Airco D.H.4 [arty bomber] – 6 total
  • Airco D.H.4 [recon] – 6 total
  • Handley Page O/400 [strategic bomber] – 6 total




Date and Time: Saturday, 13 August 2022 at 6 PM UTC (1800 Zulu) / 2 PM EDT
Place: JG1 IL-2 Server - http://stats.jg1.org:8000/en/
Comms: JG1 will provide TeamSpeak, Discord, and SRS


🔽   🔽   🔽


To get involved and read the mission details, head over to the ACME Discord and register:




Direct link: https://discord.gg/x9SZVCZyFN

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Everyone - tomorrow is the Aces Over Arras event!

The posted time is Saturday, 13 August at 2 PM EDT / 1800 Zulu (6 PM UTC).  The server will launch 15 minutes before the start time.  However, please wait for the mission-start flare before starting your aircraft.  And please do not take an air-start aircraft until the top of the hour.

If you want to review the event rules, you can find them in the "aces-over-arras" section on the ACME discord.

If you want to check out the plane-set, check them out in the "aoa-planeset " section on the ACME discord.

Also, make sure to register on the ACME discord!  This will give you access to team comms.


Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

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Thank you everyone for a great event! It was my first time commanding and was a bit overwhelming at times, especially trying to listen to both J30 on Teamspeak and everyone else on Discord, but we managed and I thought everyone worked well together.

Got out to a bit of a slow start at first as I was having trouble locating enough bomber pilots. I put J5_Daedallus in command of 8 pilots for the interceptors/defense. The rest of us finally were able to get up into 3 Gotha's with J30 and NobiWan as escorts. Unfortunately in my haste I neglected to deslect a bomb load and have my power up in the airstart spawn, so I started to lose control of the aircraft. I dropped my bombs and recovered but lost 1,000 meters altitude. I managed to catch up some and regain some of my altitude but never got to be in close formation as intended. It actually worked out ok as it split some of the attackers. Kaiser got wounded and Maus had some damage, but we were able to trip the target goal and we all were able to make it back. I've attached the Tacview I was able to record on this one. I am also attaching my ops plans for the missions we ended up doing. 

After all of us were able to land successfully and get our point, we switched to the DFW's with the intention of hitting the Arty North target. We met up with our escort and hit our initial waypoint ok, but after crossing the mud we ran into heavy flak. Maus got a direct hit and was destroyed, so knowing there was no way we were going to be able to finish the mission with only two bombers in the time left we head south to get their balloon cluster. We ran into some serious resistance but were able to knock down three balloons and score our second point. Unfortunately it wasn't enough to overcome Entente's 4 point win but everyone did well, had fun and I especially learned a lot.

Thank you all again and hope we can do it again soon!

Strat Bomb 1.JPG

Arty Bomb North DFW.JPG

dogfight.2022-08-13_13-48-25_00.acmi Strat Bomb 1.pdf Arty Bomb North DFW.pdf

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