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Newbie to IL2 here.


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~S~ Witzig

 JG1 is one of  oldest Squadrons in North America, we are also international. We fly Great battles both WW1 and WW2, also DCS.

Yes we do run our own servers, but currently not in the sense of 24/7 mission rotations or campaigns (aka Finnish or box). Currently "our" server is running WW1 "Flown in WW1" and will be Hosting on the 13th one of our "Events" ACME Aces over Arras...

And... an absolute Yes, Flying and Training  squadron ops is what JG1 does.





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Hi @Witzig, thanks for dropping by our boards!

As Moxy says, we don't currently run a 24/7 server.  But we're constantly organizing events, like the ACME: Aces Over Arras mentioned in the above post.

Last month, we ran a WW2 event, which was a ton of fun.  And we have another one of those being prepped right now.

If you're interested in flying with us, even unofficially with no membership strings attached, you're more than welcome.

Here is our squadron Discord: https://discord.gg/SM6Uk5XuJ2


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