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Looking at what DCS uses.

  • Computer at rest

01 Computer At Rest.jpg



  • Load DCS then idle

02 Load DCS  then Idle.jpg


  • DCS Quick Mission Free Flight

03 DCS Quick Mission Free Flight.jpg


  • JG1 Server in flight

04 DCS JG1 Server in flight.jpg


  • Enigma server

05 Enigma Server.jpg



  • Exit DCS

06 Exit DCS.jpg


I knew the GPU was working hard. The CPU didn't have too much load in Quick Mission or JG1 server but it's surprising that Enigma's had even less CPU usage. But Enigma nearly maxed out Memory usage. Not sure what it all means or what I can do about it except look forward to getting a new PC at some point.




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This is a little on line system bench mark download, it will tell you how each of your components are running. Small tweaks, can usually get components running at their best. Example (My new GPU was running sub par, a "slide" on power limit open the whole thing up.)  Maybe this would be a help for knowledge



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