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Dragging people to another channel in Discord (and other interesting stuff)


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More interesting stuff:

Discord Shortcuts for Channels

  • Switch between channels: Alt + Arrow Key Up/Down
  • Switch between unread channels: Alt + Shift + Arrow Key Up/Down
  • Mark a channel as read: Esc
  • Go back to the previous text channel: Ctrl + B
  • Go back to the active audio channel: Ctrl + Alt + A
  • Display the list of channel members: Ctrl + U


And other shortcuts can be found here:


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  • Vonrd changed the title to Dragging people to another channel in Discord (and other interesting stuff)

There's also this:

https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000070311-Quick-Switcher#:~:text=Look no further!,to whichever destination you desire.

I would imagine that you could bind buttons using a 3rd party app like JoyToKey or Joystick Gremlin. 

I'll give it a try as soon as I have time but not at the moment. Maybe someone else might give it a shot?

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OK, I made a VoiceAttack profile for the JG1 Discord and it seems to work. I couldn't test fully since there was no one else in the channels. One thing that would make it easier would be to re-name the "Flight Room" channels to something that doesn't have "Flight" in the name (maybe "Main Room # 1, 2, etc.) since the macro brings up a list of channels with "Flight" in the name. So, it brings up something that looks like this:

  • Flight #1
  • Flight Room #1
  • Flight #2

So, I had to add a down arrow to bypass Flight "Room" #1 when switching from Flight #1 to Flight #2.

I've only done Flights 1 & 2 but if the Flight Room channels are changed as noted above, it's a simple duplication of the commands with just the numbers needing to be changed.

I'm pretty sure that this will work. 

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

JG1 Discord Switcher-Profile.html JG1 Discord Switcher-Profile.vap

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On 8/19/2022 at 2:44 PM, Klaiber said:

I've changed the Flight Room's to Guest Rooms.

The straight "Flight" (Flight #1, Flight #2, etc are working well and I have all 6 of them in the VoiceAttack profile, however...


It seems that there are "Guest Rooms" in numerous Discords... see attached. 



In order for it to work in Voice Attack, each group of Guest Rooms would have to have their own nomenclature, i.e. JG1 could be "A Guest Room #2", JG1 Racing League - "B Guest Room #2", etc. 


I'm not sure if it's too much difficulty and worth the effort but so far it seems to have promise for being able to switch channels in Discord without having to alt / tab out of the game.


I'm holding off for now and would like to know if others feel this would be of value.

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Rooms 1,2 and 3 worked but not room 4. It doesn't seem to discern the exact phrase and there's no telling which will be at the top of the list.

It looks like it would need completely different channel names for each Discord. Maybe Red#1, Red#2, Red#3, etc. for JG1, Yellow#1, 2,3, etc. for ACME and so on.


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To add this (or any other profile .vap for that matter) to an existing profile, follow these steps:

  • Click the edit box



  • Click "Import Commands"



  • Highlight the profile that you wish to import and click "Open"



  • This will bring up another window. Click "Import"



  • Click "Apply" then "Done". 


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