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  1. As far as I understand, columns can only go up a path or down a path depending on their nationality. Blue goes up and red goes down. And the path should go in a general direction according to the compass. Is there a trick to make a tank column seem to retreat in the mission itself? Maybe make a new reversed path?
  2. I was afraid of that. You're absolutely right though that I can treat it as a sandbox and pick the missions I feel like. Thanks Lowengrin.
  3. I want to play a DCG campaign for the Fi-156 Storch with some diversity in the missions. I'll probably have to fiddle with an existing campaign. What of the following historical duties are possible in DCG and what could triggers such missions? – Artillery spotting – Reconnaissance at sea (spotting enemy ships) – Reconnaissance over land(battlefield surveillance over the current battle) – Personnel transport – Air ambulance – Search and rescue of downed pilots
  4. I've put in 2056 stationary objects. Don't worry, I just copied them from another mission and rearranged them a bit. Still the same problem though. I'm at lunch at work atm, pouring over the dcgerror-file. And I discovered this: Now my game folder is set in C:\Games\ but DCG apparently saves the campaign in a different folder. I may have dragged the entire game folder to a new location after installation of the DCG map. I honestly don't remember anymore. I hope that pointing DCG to the current game location will remedy the problem. I'll check it this evening.
  5. I actually put off having stationary as I have encountered this problem before a while back in my first attempt at a DCG campaign. I didn't want to put to much work in. I'll populate the map a bit and see what difference it makes.
  6. Nope, still getting the Tobruk41 campaign in IL-2 instead of SiegeOfTobruk. This is my dcgerror-file
  7. Thanks idefix44 for helping me. Optional Campaign folder is set: Run=>Generate campaign: OK, I've found my problem. I didn't turn of Off-line Career (Auto-generation). Now DCG gives me the following error but at least I know what to do about that: I hope this will be the end of my problems.
  8. And now the files should be attached. Is something wrong with the files or is it ap problem with my DCG settings?
  9. So far I'm able to adjust premade DCG campaigns. Adding planes, vehicles, interesting places, ... Now I wanted to make a entirely new campaign for the Tobruk campaign that comes with Il-2 4.13. I've followed Lonestar's 'How to make a 3rd party DCG campaign from scratch!'. Unfortunatly my Il-2 install doesn't even recognise that there is a campaign generated (Which I did of course). Where have I gone wrong? You can find my 3rd party files in attachment. (Attachment didn't work. I'll try again this evening) SiegeOfTobruk.zip
  10. Scenario1: A naval convoy is on it's way with more and better airplanes and tanks to the enemy's homebase. If/when these reinforcements reach the frontline, the current tactical situation will change completely. Scenario 2: There is a big tank battle. A few well placed bombs/strafing runs could have a significant impact. Staging the convoy and the tank battle should be possible with the timetable. However, how can I ensure that I get a chance to attack the convoy if I play a bomber pilot. And how can I get to see the tank battle up close if I fly a reconnaissance plane or a dive bomber/fighter-bomber?
  11. Thanks for the help and your continuing support of DCG of course. Instant success is already on. It seems I'll be adjusting it with the pilot editor. Will adjusting my pilot's kill count in the editor be purely cosmetic or will it be counted for awards and promotions?
  12. I've been flying the HSFX 4.12 DCG 3.49 stock Tobruk41 campaign. This makes for some stunning night and dawn missions (especially with Redko's retextured maps). I'm early in this campaign and this was the first time there was a large scale dogfight. I managed my first 2 kills of the campaign. On the return leg my wife needed me, so I ended the mission there and pushed apply. I checked the roster before closing the game down and noticed that I still had 0 kills behind my name. I definitely got the 'aircraft destroyed' message twice during the mission and read the 'MrWhite shot down a hurricane' message twice again in the debrief. Has anybody else have this happen? My ego needs stroking dammit.
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