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  1. Hello, first off thank you for making and supporting this awesome mod. I have a few questions about DCG. I am getting a strange issue where after I land my plane and end the mission, I get a “premonition of death” even though I did not die and I returned to my home airport. This has happened 3 times out of about 30 or so flights I’ve done in my campaign. I seem to recall that each time it happened, My plane did take some very light damage during the mission but did I not get wounded or have any systems malfunction. I always park just a few meters off the runway when I finish a missio
  2. This has now happened on several separate campaigns i have tried to play. When crashing to desktop i get error message "i/o error 32".
  3. Hi, im new to DCG and im really enjoying it so far, however at the end of a mission i had a CTD when pressing apply. I replayed the mission and this time when i hit apply it sent me to the main menu of Il2. I tried to go back in but i now cannot load my campaign. When i press load it just does nothing. I am playing with auto generation career mode on and replace Dgen on. My campaign was German fighter pilot in western Europe, the one that comes with DCG, not a custom one. No settings or anything were changed before the crash, in fact i had not exited out of the game in three or four missi
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