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  1. Hi, this is more of a query than a bug report. What effect does changing the 'Time Passage' option under General Campaign Settings have? I currently have it on 'normal'. Does it effect how many missions you fly a day? So changing it to the slow settings means more missions per day? Or am I way off. Cheers
  2. Thanks for the reply. This was prior to starting a career. I always create or change the stock careers, adding campaigns to stretch them out. So for instance, the stock Stuka career has a big gap between Crimea 41 and 42, a gap of several months, so I add the Moscow campaign between them which fills the gap nicely. Obviously the stock career starts in 1941 with Lvov, so my question was can I add the campaigns prior to this which are in the DCG careers, Poland, France, BoB etc to the start of my campaign and/or add parts of my career to the DCG ones?
  3. Hi, First of all, thank you for your excellent add on for IL2 it's really good and adds to the immersion a lot. I was wondering if you can swap and change campaigns within careers? So for instance, I have a good Eastern Front career for the Stuka already, however I've noticed that the DCG Stuka career starts with the Poland campaign. Will it work if I add the Poland campaign to my career? Or some of my career to the DCG one? Are they interchangeable as long as the dates don't clash? Cheers SiPinto
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