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  1. yes I did, I'll try again in a different folder. btw, 3.48 seems to work fine in the main folder with modact, but for the life of me I cant remember how to get campaigns working with the 'detailed briefing' at the end of a mission, ie with the map and paths of the pilot and all the kills and a detailed description of what occurred. for now im stuck with the bland number of kills page
  2. Trying to get back into IL2 and DCG but 3.49 does not seem to want to play the game with SAS MODACT. The only mods to 12.2.m I have running is SAS MODACT and the new minimap mod. The problem I am having is when selecting new campaign it has the following errors: 1. "invalid file" 2. All ranks for RAAF campaign are wrong, its selecting USAAF ranks, and my Pilot is not in the list 3. in 'squadron edit" no squadrons are available No campaign is generated :( https://i.imgur.com/nVPrFcs.jpg
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