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Does DCG Auto pick the most suitable planes from class.dcg?

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I have added a huge number of planes from BAT to DCG. Everything has been added to payloads, allpayloads and allpaints.

I have noticed that a lot of the planes do not have upgrades and downgrades assigned, but from the DCG doc file it says that "There is some randomness to the selection of planes".

Do I have to set all these upgrades and downgrades manually for DCG to recognise? Or will it randomly pick the most suitable plane for the time period and nation?


Its a huge ton of time to manually assign upgrades and downgrades so I would love to know If I have to do it all manually or of its automated. If not is there a tool that can automate? I heard of the DCG Data integration tool? Would that be of help if my query isn't possible?


If so how can I do that?

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