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Some of you may be having "problems" with avatars.


First off, don't do any "profile" updates here in the forums. The correct place to do it is your site profile page and you can get to it by clicking your name in the site menu bar.


The reason I'd rather every one do profile updates there is that it will apply to the whole site. Another reason is this forum doesn't match the profile correctly and actually has some issues.


At any rate, the avatars. We found the reason some of us, including myself, couldn't upload avatars in our site profile page. If you are having troubles uploading a profile avatar please let me know. (you will get a red error message when trying to upload a photo.) I will have to go in as the superuser account and assign permissions for those that have problems.


There is still a small issue of displaying the avatar in the site profile, but it will display here in the forums.

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