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  1. Hello, I wonder if the problem is not a consequence of a heavilly modded version of Il2 (lots of planes to load, or something). I've a heavy moded version of the "VP modpack" in with DCG takes a lot of time to load the panels you mention, Tomoose. In another version, a 4.13 with SAS modact an just a few mods added, I've no problem and panels are loading in 2 or 3 seconds. My 2 cents.
  2. Thank you Lowengrin, I'll check that!
  3. Hallo everyone, This is I think my first message here. So, firstly: THANK YOU Lowengrin for DCG! it rules. I faced a strange behavior, trying to generate any romanian campaign. In the squadids, most of the romanian squadrons' names ends by a "_". If I try to generate a campaign with one of those squadrons, I'll face the deadly "bing" when generating the campaign, and a "integer value" error shows sometimes up. In the error log file, it says " No entry found for Player Squadron in the squadids.dcg file". A few line under, it says the squadron has been deleted. Needless to say that the squadron is present the squadids.dcg file. Now, if I generate the exact same campaign with a squadron whose name donnot have the "_" at the end of his name, it works without a scratch. Is it a known bug? Is it a bug, anyway - perhaps it's something on my end? What about deleting this "_" in squadids.dcg file and others? (Seems that only romanian squadron names got, sometimes, this "_"?) Razneff P.S.: Forgot to say I'm using DCG 3.49 and VP Modpack.
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