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  1. Lol... I've re-enabled the airstart option, and now, everythink works fine, no more airstarts in ground attack missions it seems. Go figure. I wonder if, perhaps, the fact that I've created the campaign when the option is on could be the reason of that. I'll make some tests and report if I can recreate the problem. EDIT: Nope, it did it again. Airstart option was on. dcgerror.txt
  2. Hello Fhechene, Thank you for your help. The campaign actually involved is a third party one, "War over Italy" by Vonofterdingen, and my plane is a P47D10. I enabled airstarts via the dcg options, but I read somewhere this setting didn't concerned the player squadron. Moreover, if I manually set dcg so it create a mission wich is not a ground attack, I take off from the airfield without any problem. There are 15 squadrons involved in the campaign. I met the same behavior in the stock East front DCG campaign (Riga1941), flying a Bf109E7. I'll have a loo
  3. Hello, I'm using DCG 3.50 b7, and it seems all the ground attack missions start in airstart, 2 waypoints before the target. Did I miss something? Cheers, Razneff
  4. Hello, I wonder if the problem is not a consequence of a heavilly modded version of Il2 (lots of planes to load, or something). I've a heavy moded version of the "VP modpack" in with DCG takes a lot of time to load the panels you mention, Tomoose. In another version, a 4.13 with SAS modact an just a few mods added, I've no problem and panels are loading in 2 or 3 seconds. My 2 cents.
  5. Thank you Lowengrin, I'll check that!
  6. Hallo everyone, This is I think my first message here. So, firstly: THANK YOU Lowengrin for DCG! it rules. I faced a strange behavior, trying to generate any romanian campaign. In the squadids, most of the romanian squadrons' names ends by a "_". If I try to generate a campaign with one of those squadrons, I'll face the deadly "bing" when generating the campaign, and a "integer value" error shows sometimes up. In the error log file, it says " No entry found for Player Squadron in the squadids.dcg file". A few line under, it says the squadron has been deleted. Needless to
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