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  1. Second mission was a massed attack on the IJN carrier group. Unfortunately, something went wrong with the spawns for some units and many collided mid-air immediately. Also my autopilot (filthy casual, I know) collided with a squadmate, something I haven't seen before. Do you have an idea of how I can fix this? I didn't have this issue that often with Eastern Front campaigns
  2. Hey, first of all, I'm still in love with this tool. I've flown around 500 missions with it so far. I tried something new by playing a USN campaign, as I normally fly German planes. In the first mission on the Midway campaign, one whole squadron of Wildcats get spawned on the Eastern island without a runway and the first few planes of that squad are spawned in the ocean. Is there a runway or carrier missing? Thanks!
  3. Awesome! Nice that you added more Pacific campaigns. Are you also interested in the European Theatre? I see that the stock German fighter campaigns work with DCG, but are they also optimized or do they just work by coincidence?
  4. Thanks for your answer, awesome to hear you're working on it. I forgot to report that I experienced those issues using the most recent beta build. I reverted back to the official release and allowed planes to start airborne, and so far I couldn't reproduce the issues. Concerning the friendly fire issue: Is it possible that the timings may played a role here as well? I'm trying to say that if the German column pushed forward and the Stukas bombing waypoint was set on the position of the Soviet armor, which was by then overrun by the German column, the friendly fire was just the Stula
  5. Dear all, Let me first state that I'm still learning a lot about DCG and I learned quite a bit so far. I encountered the following issues that I cannot seem to fix. I'm playing the Riga (1941) campaign as a German Bf109 pilot. I use the VP modpack and installed the DCG compatibility fix. 1) The flight timings seem to be offset: When we escort Stukas or Bf110s we circle around the rendezvous point but then leave into enemy territory way ahead of the planes we are tasked to escort (~10 minutes). I can understand that we are supposed to clear the area beforehand as well but this leads
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