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  1. Ah, a bit more information...and it's made me remember what the problem might be. Check your pilot name (where you create it) and make sure there's no extra (invisible) spaces after the name. If there are, it screws up DCG. And if it's not spaces, if your using non-standard characters, it just might be that. (But I'm pretty sure it's extra spaces.)
  2. Hi. I seem to recall this error coming up with someone else some time ago, but I cannot remember what the fix happened to be.
  3. I haven't decided yet and probably won't until I review the existing code.
  4. Yeah, I have been pondering how to do it best without taking the "dynamic" out of it.
  5. Using wind, probably you have to have the Illustrious sailing into the wind (and my code doesn't consider wind...though it probably should).
  6. There's code to determine whether a tank (or other moving column) retreats. The other side just has to have overwhelming superiority for it to happen (like 5 to 1 odds based on the types of tanks present and the number of ground troops on each side).
  7. Are you using wind? I haven't seen too many issues with Avengers off fleet carriers (escort carriers, yes) in good weather. In storms, almost every takeoff will have planes crashing no matter what type they are.
  8. If you use Replace DGen Mode, the stock campaigns actually create DCG campaigns. Just start the campaign as you would a stock one and let it generate the first mission. On the mission screen, it should look a bit different given it's a DCG mission and not a DGen mission. If that doesn't work, post again and hopefully we can figure it out.
  9. I ran a couple missions using the Normandy '44 scenario. I saw one C-47 with a glider in one and two C-47s drop paratroopers in another. So I don't understand why you're not getting any.
  10. Also, what's with... [215Squadrontc00] Planes 0 It shouldn't even spawn with zero planes. Okay, I'll do some testing see if I have the same issue.
  11. My advice is if you want to tweak something in DCG, do it after you end the mission but before you leave the debrief screen. Any time you open it during a mission, you'll screw up the sync. Just thinking out loud, I could modify DCG so that syncing is always optional/manual when the program is opened by the player. So the player can decide whether to sync the mission results or not. Or it only syncs when debriefing is required (by either the game or in the case of manual mission generation, at that time). I wonder....?
  12. Did you pause playing during the mission and run DCG? If you do this, the date/time stamp will sync with the log and when the mission is complete, DCG will assume that the log has already been processed. It's a bug (or maybe a feature...).
  13. I've found more than a few planes missing payloads in the allpayloads.dcg file (which came much later). It's possible that if the default payload gets over-written in the payloads.dcg file, there's no way to put it back because it's not in the allpayloads....
  14. So I just looked at the code. The C-47 will only operate as a glider tug in 1944 or later. Before that date it will only use paratroopers and only if at a "_Dropzone" location. The LI-2 will only operate as a glider tug in 1943 or later. Before that date it will only use paratroopers and only if at a "_Dropzone" location. Otherwise I see no problems. Other than those restrictions, the code is the same for the Allieds as the Germans.
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