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  1. Do you have the "Stats Reset On Death" unchecked in the options list? (I assume so.) It's been so long since I tested with it unchecked, some funny bug may have been introduced at some point without my noticing. I'll have a look. Meanwhile, as Fhechene said, if you have it happen again, post your log for that mission.
  2. I'll have a look at both cases. Hopefully the answer is obvious and the tweak to the code is, well, just a tweak....
  3. Hi. I haven't touched the promotion code in years, so I'm not sure what's going on there. As for the paint, the date may have an impact. I can't remember offhand if the setpaint command works only on the date in question or if it's a >= to that date. So if the event happens before you switch campaigns, that might be why it doesn't trigger.
  4. The only other tweak I've made is on upgrade/downgrades of aircraft. However, the static object spawning is all related so it's possible that my tweaks to removing statics is impacting the spawning of front line objects.... Ugh. Defending units defend back from the "front" location. When I wrote the code for how routes would work, way back near the beginning of this journey, I did it quick and dirty and have never ever bothered to refine it. The whole DCG thing started as a proof of concept to convince Maddox Games that they could write their own damn dynamic campaign. BTW, you can increase both attacker's and defender's distance from the using the "Contact Distance Level" on the Ground War Editor tab.
  5. Okay, let's try this again. Tweaked the remove stationary code again.... il2dcg350b14.zip
  6. Thanks for being so thorough. I'll have to do some more tweaking...who know code written more than 10 years ago would come back to bite me when adding one little "remove" addition.
  7. Silly me, forgot to remove some debug messaging. Here's beta lucky 13.
  8. Can you be more detailed in how it broke your campaign? Frontline units should appear anywhere both sides have "troops" and the "side" is "contested" ("0" vs "1" for Allies, "2" for Axis).
  9. Here's the latest beta, which should fix the issue with removing statics on the set date. Edit: Please upgrade to beta 13 (or suffer a freeze if the Remove Static command is activated).
  10. I agree this period is a good one for the Pacific to focus on. But the issue with Guadalcanal is that the Japanese were flying bombers from Rabaul which is a distance of about 650 miles. No one would want to fly that. (Though I suppose they could just start airborne at an appropriate distance.) At the Battle of Coral Sea (a better battle than Midway to recreate, IMHO), the distances between the Japanese and American carriers was about 250 miles. Which isn't too bad to fly in real time.
  11. Okay, let me do some debugging on my end.
  12. Which "time passage" setting are you using? It's possible there's a bug there. Also, it's possible in my hurry to add it, I used ">" rather than ">="...
  13. It's hidden in the [Testbed] section. However, since I have it, it's: 19410808 RemoveStatic 22_Static
  14. I'll have a look. In theory, the fighters that begin delayed are supposed to be CAP.... How many active flights/squadron are you running?
  15. Beta 11 refines the upgrade/downgrade of aircraft so nationality plays a bigger role in selection. The class file should now be able to contain multiple entries for the same aircraft but with different "long names" and nationalities.
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