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  1. I hope having Russian briefings and debriefings will add to your DCG experience.
  2. Thanks! I will attach it to the next beta. :)
  3. I have not received your email. Can you resend? Thanks!
  4. Because the error section is for display in DCG itself, I realized that Cyrillic won't work as it's not supported so errors should stay English.
  5. The English version is messages.dcg. The lines match between the two files exactly so you can just translate from English from it.
  6. My latest version (with corrections for above). messages_ru.dcg
  7. My unicode encoder was coding the <XXXX> tags too so I had to re-add them manually. I may have made a few mistakes.
  8. Here's the updated Russian language file. Thanks for your help with this!
  9. Thanks! I will add them as given, but if while playing, they seem strange/controversial, please let me know and I will change them.
  10. There are also some error messages that can be translated, but these are all the ones for in game briefings and debriefings.
  11. No translation is required for words between < >. Here they are (sorry, more than I thought!): Sea Patrol Mission Carrier Strike Details determined by players. Select your airbase and aircraft before proceeding. Select your aircraft before receiving the day's briefing. Fly a sweep between <TGTNAME1> and <TGTNAME2> The squadron has been re-named <SQUAD>. <PILOT> has transfered to <SQUAD>. A <PLANE> was damaged beyond repair. Glider troops seize <TGTNAME>. The following pilots have five or more kills. <PILOT> based at <BASE> has <COUNT> kills. <PILOT> based aboard the <BASE> has <COUNT> kills. Squadrons currently based at <BASE>: Squadrons currently based aboard the <BASE>: damaged <BRIDGE>. destroyed a friendly <TYPE> and is hereby reprimanded. sank a <TYPE> and is hereby reprimanded. flew as a <PLANE> gunner for <SQUAD>. having bailed out, hitched a ride back to the airfield. was seriously wounded. Damaged <BRIDGE>. Destroyed a friendly <TYPE> and was reprimanded. Sank a <TYPE> and was reprimanded. Flew as a <PLANE> gunner for <SQUAD>. <PLANE> damaged beyond repair. Was seriously wounded. Wind at <WINDSPEED> km/hr, <WINDDIRECTION> degrees Squadron Information Airfield Information Ace Information Campaign Victory Conditions Player's Crew Last Mission Debrief Pilot Losses Awards & Promotions Other News Orders Objectives Description Active Airfields Server Information Distance to Target None. Friendly forces must capture <TGTNAME>. Friendly forces must take <TGTNAME>. Sink <PERCENT>% of enemy <TYPE>s. Hold out until <DATE>. Destroy <PERCENT>% of enemy <TYPE>s. _Airfield _Airstrip _Factory_District _Rail _Station _Camp _Bridge _Depot _Sea _Ocean _Bay _Harbor _Port _Beachhead _Beach _Dropzone
  12. Thanks! I could machine translate them but to a native speaker, I'm sure some translations would sound strange.
  13. Also, there are (newer) messages in DCG that don't have Russian translations yet. If you'd like to translate them, I'd appreciated it. I can post them here.
  14. Try adding the attacmessages_ru.dcghed file to your DCG/DATA folder. It was missing the <TYPE> tag in the sentence.
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