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  1. So in the .rds file it's "B├╝deriech"...?
  2. It's been so long, I had to look it up (because for some reason, I didn't put it in the instructions). It only triggers when an online campaign changes. If it's unchecked then every squadron from the previous campaign will transfer to the new one regardless of whether or not it's listed in the new campaign's template. It has no effect on offline campaigns (it's always considered checked).
  3. In the timetable.dcg under the campaign your flying, you'd add the date (YYYYMMDD) of the change, the squadron ID and then the plane it's changing to. For example: 19410811 NewPlane II_JG770 BF_109F4
  4. You could try setting the escort to "none" and see what happens. I really should add some code so that an escort won't be assigned to a bomber if it can't keep up....
  5. I'm surprised it lets you have the same plane ID with two different nationalities....
  6. From my experience, exploding planes are usually the result of loadouts that don't exist (usually misspelled or applied to the wrong plane).
  7. I can find no evidence that these explosions are the result of changing the aircraft category in DCG. Are you using a mod...?
  8. Latest beta (build #8) makes the "remove static" function a bit more severe as it removes the object completely from the stationary list rather than X'ing it out like destroyed statics (that can be rebuilt). No other changes. il2dcg350b8.zip
  9. Is there a matching skins folder for each one? If there's no folder, DCG ignores it as it assumes the plane(s) is not available in the game.
  10. I'll check if there's a bug in the save routine of the class file when it comes to the aircraft category that's slipping an error into the mission generation (causing the explosions). As for the troops landing. I can't really say for sure without knowing which scenario (and is it a stock one or a 3rd party). The naval supply locations should have no impact on troops landing. It's just to set the spawning point of ships for each side. Static planes are a bit of a special type of object (as they spawn depending on which side controls the base and what aircraft are based there), but they should be removable with that time table command...so it's an "unwanted feature" of their having some special code. I'll look at it.
  11. Just change it in the squadid.dcg file when you want the name to change. Sorry, that's the best I can suggest.
  12. Yes, if you open DCG while playing, it may sync the log prematurely.
  13. There must be some setting somewhere directing your game to save in your user/appdata directory rather than in the main folder. Unfortunately, I don't know where it would be. Possibly it's in the Window's Registry...???
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