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  1. Hi Torpede_Aeri, It looks like the process you are using is for an older version of IL-2. Try: Full Off-Line Career Mode. Using this mode replaces the in-game generator (DGen) with DCG. Careers can then be created directly from the game set up screens and DCG never needs to be run except to edit the campaign files. 1. Run DCG. 2. Select the off-line Career Auto-Generation mode from the DCG Menu. 3. Select "Replace Career Generator (DGen)" from the DCG Menu "Mode" and click "Yes". Close DCG. 4. Run IL-2 "Forgotten Battles". 5. Select any of the stock or DCG campaigns available in IL2 "Forgotten Battles" or any campaign in "Pacific Fighters" that is designated "*" and "(DCG)". DCG will generate and run a campaign based on your selection criteria. 6. Play the campaign. Note: a copy of DGen.exe will be made called DGEN_bak.exe. It is strongly recommended that your restore your DGen.exe file before installing any upgrades of IL2 "Forgotten Battles". You can do this by clicking "Replace DGen" when it's checked or delete the file DGen.exe and rename DGen_bak.exe to DGen.exe.
  2. It should work UNLESS the date that your campaign advances to Burma 1944 is before 19440522 and that's not an error in your timetable... [Burma_1942] 19421221 NewPlane 28Squadron0 HurricaneMkIIb 19421221 SetPaint 28Squadron0 = Hurricane MkIIB BR125, 3 PRU Agartala, India, Nov 1942.bmp [Burma_1942] Shouldn't that second [Burma_1942] be [Burma_1944]...?
  3. Increased the number of supported plane types to 5000 and columns to 2000 (for those using mods with more than 2000 planes types and/or more than 1000 columns/tank types). il2dcg350b15.zip
  4. Yeah, the SetPaint command is campaign specific and DCG "forgets" about it when it switches campaigns. I'd just drop the SetPaint command into the next subcampaign.
  5. Adding the modded map requires referencing that map in the various DCG files. The old document linked to above gives the basic info.
  6. You'll have to fiddle with the waypoints (adding or removing some to the xxxxx.rds file) to get the artillery where you want them.
  7. Over 2000...yes, that could be an issue. I'll check and update if it is.
  8. "None" should severely restrict GAttack missions, but might not completely prevent them....
  9. DCG will check if the eventlog has been processed when opening one of those panels...unfortunately, it's not the most efficient bit of code....
  10. Do you have the "Stats Reset On Death" unchecked in the options list? (I assume so.) It's been so long since I tested with it unchecked, some funny bug may have been introduced at some point without my noticing. I'll have a look. Meanwhile, as Fhechene said, if you have it happen again, post your log for that mission.
  11. I'll have a look at both cases. Hopefully the answer is obvious and the tweak to the code is, well, just a tweak....
  12. Hi. I haven't touched the promotion code in years, so I'm not sure what's going on there. As for the paint, the date may have an impact. I can't remember offhand if the setpaint command works only on the date in question or if it's a >= to that date. So if the event happens before you switch campaigns, that might be why it doesn't trigger.
  13. The only other tweak I've made is on upgrade/downgrades of aircraft. However, the static object spawning is all related so it's possible that my tweaks to removing statics is impacting the spawning of front line objects.... Ugh. Defending units defend back from the "front" location. When I wrote the code for how routes would work, way back near the beginning of this journey, I did it quick and dirty and have never ever bothered to refine it. The whole DCG thing started as a proof of concept to convince Maddox Games that they could write their own damn dynamic campaign. BTW, you can increase both attacker's and defender's distance from the using the "Contact Distance Level" on the Ground War Editor tab.
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