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  1. I know you're just looking for fresh meat I will fly when I can if that's ok ? I will try to make as many flights as I can in a timely fashion. In real life I am on call 24 /7 and have no warning at all . In New Wings games there have been 2 or 3 times when I was flying and had to go I didn't have time to say 'bb' my newest new term I thought it meant be back LOL Wait, against AI ......... Well that's a surprise. No fresh meat fer you LOL I would have guessed it was red team against any other color.Sort of like Cuban's games with no labels, but teams . Well I always say Live and Squirm.. I will find out when you guys are all set and ready for me to find out. . I am curious about the plane settings where there is that graph and a "S" line to set up. I don't understand that at all and have a bad enough time getting my stick setting where the keyboard settings are/ I will do that to get a setting several times before I stumble on it somehow and get the setting. Then I find I should have set it to some other button. I was born about 12,000 years too late . And I would show you if I could figure out How To Upload pics here . Of course that would be very off topic .
  2. Guys I have 91 days at the end of today to be on RoF and have no other experience. Each request about if I want, this or that doesn't mean anything. I haven't experienced and don't know. As it turns out I am on red team now and I can't find the number for TS address.. That is the next thing for in the game I probably need to do. But right now I have to go plow real snow.. I never know when work and or snow will call it can be anytime day or night any day. I have all the planes in Rof and all the mods and the english channel map. I have TS and a new head set , but can't get a sound check. I probably can't make all the games you guys set up but would like to join to the ones where I can if that is alright. I have run out of time looking for TS info. But thanks for the warm welcome. I have questions I just don't know what they are
  3. Thank you for helping and guiding me. I read the rules but am not sure I can remember each one. never having seen the game it's hard to know what I don't understand which is about everything. But I understand dead is dead alright. I do French and Indian War renating and dead is dead there too in a like way . I would like to try. Since I don't know what team I might be allowed on I will have to wait and see if I get on one and then will need to know the TS address numbers. All of this is fairly new to me. Thanks again. I will check in from time to time to see how it goes.
  4. Von Dervare EST No team preference belong to nothing Newbie but I know how to start the engine
  5. Hi I am new here as of a moment ago. I am new with Rise of Flight with 90 days total time so far counting today. I live in New Hampshire USA in the White Mountains. . I was asked yesterday about this during the time you were flying in the Flanders game. I am guessing this was to see if the server would work for me in the future. I don not understand anacronyms at all like FIF but will search that and others as I happen on them. I real life I am open to many things I don't know about and am 67, so I am too old to be a wise guy and ruin things for others. I do hit planes sometimes , ramming you guys call it, but it is my mistake not on purpose. In RoF they only other infraction I caused we in Basic Training when I would miss shooting the balloons and hit the hangars in the distance. I got 3 messages saying I was being penalized for shooting friendlies, but I was alone and didn't understand. I mean whats a few bullet holes in a barn SO if I may, I would like to be placed on a team for beginners if you do that. Thanks for your time. Von Dervare. Oh that's a sort of joke it translates to Wonder Where if you say it out loud a few times fast . Somehow I think I put this in a wrong place..
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