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  1. Sounds like you guys had a good meeting. What you've outlined works for me. Whatever naming convention you use is fine, provided all skins use the same system. :)
  2. I don't see it as nit-picking. This is an important topic for exactly the reason you mentioned. Vonrd, Butzzell, Hess and Baron have put a lot of work into these skins, and it would be crappy if no one saw them because of confusion within the skins folder. For me, it's important that we figure out what we're doing in-house first. Once we have everything standardized and locked-in, we can then push those skins out to the community at-large. And then be assured that people actually have access to the correctly named files. They may not use them, but they'll have the ability to should they choose. I 100% agree. Someone is always going to try and top ours. So, just get them near the top and together. Personally, I think the exclamation marks are the way to go. I also 100% agree. Regardless of what changes, the files should all start the same way and not change. !JG1_ or something similar would work very well. I agree that there should be standardized suffixes to identify multiple skins under one pilots name. I think _A, _B, _C, _D, etc. works well. You could also use _v1, v2, v3, v4, etc. I perfer numbers because there is no cap, unlike the 26 letters. However, if a pilot has 26 different skins for the same aircraft, they have bigger issues. So, personally, If I was going to name the skins for a united JG1 pack, I wouldn't use: A_FDr1_JG1_Luftritter_J10.dds Instead, I'd go with !JG1_FDr1_Luftritter_v1.dds. And your second one would be !JG1_FDr1_Luftritter_v2.dds. With version 1 not deleted. Rather, retained in the pack for future use. Regardless though, I think since Vonrd is the primary skinner, his skin folder should be the folder of record. So whatever he goes with is what we should as well.
  3. Our computers use ASCII code to categorize characters. They do this alphanumerically, with special characters coming first before numbers or letters. The exclamation point is second only to the space key. As a result I often prioritize files I want to see with an exclamation point. And the more I want to prioritize it, the more exclamation points I use. For example, !!!Klaiber comes before !!Klaiber comes before !Klaiber comes before 1Klaiber comes before aKlaiber comes before Klaiber. Not sure if this helps.
  4. These types of errors are going to be chronic problems. The easiest way forward (as far as I can see it) is to say that Vonrd's data\graphics\skins\ folder is the folder of record for JG1. And that whatever he has is what we should all have. This way, even if there are spelling errors or labeling mistakes, we all have the same spelling errors or labeling mistakes. Additionally, I would think that we should stop posting small updates for download. Yes, post images of the new stuff. But, every time we update, a link should be provided for the the entire skins folder for download. With clear instructions to overwrite existing files. And if the link can be the same as what was provided before, even better. This way, we can minimize inconsistencies and prevent people from getting the wrong skins by clicking on a necro post. Just spit-balling.
  5. Added: FC skins August 2019 (PART 2) by Vonrd (10 August 2019) [Note: overwrite existing files]
  6. These look fantastic Vonrd! Thank you so much!
  7. I'll take a Halb CL2 as well.
  8. Thanks so much Vonrd! These look awesome!
  9. Added: FC skins August 2019 by Vonrd (10 August 2019) [Note: overwrite existing files]
  10. It's looking great Lip! It looks like you're in the home stretch.
  11. Very nice take-off and landing Hess! The MiG-21 is easily one of my favorite aircraft in DCS. It's like strapping a seat onto a rocket and trying not to fall off.
  12. Honestly, it is kind of fun. Perhaps flash cards for new recruits.
  13. Also an amazing shot! This one is tougher. I think it's Jasta 11 (or most of it). Left to right, I think it's Hett (in red at the bottom), Klaiber (in pink at the top), Lipfert (in the green daub), Butzzell I think, and Hook in white and black. This honestly should be a JG1 quiz, to tell you the truth.
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