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  1. @Jonne, was a lot of fun. Thanks for being my RIO. Just checked out the Tacview. Turns out we were shooting at their KC-130.
  2. What time did you think you'll be online? If I"m available, I'll join you.
  3. Hey Goat, I got hit with the same storm. Was knocked out for 24 hours, but thankfully was able to get back online tonight. Stay safe! And of course, PM me if you need anything.
  4. Yeah, the Hind looks amazing. I really can't wait. Also, I loved 9:05 in the DCS video.
  5. Here's another one from the 389th Fighter Squadron: Republic P-47D-20-RE Thunderbolt 42-76378 of the 389th Fighter Squadron, 366th Fighter Group, 9th Air Force. According to the book I have on the 366th Fighter Group (Angels Zero: P-47 Close Air Support in Europe, by Robert V. Brulle) -
  6. Yeah, most VHS and audiocassettes deteriorate 20% after 25 years. So, it's important to get them converted over. I love the footage you got. Do you find you miss it?
  7. Great video, Ted! Looks like it was a lot of fun.
  8. This an awesome video, Snag! And some great footage. Did you recently convert it over to digital? Also, does H2P mean: helicopter-2nd pilot?
  9. @Vonrd and @Heinrich are probably the best people to ask. But @Butzzell or @GenMarkof007 could also give you a hand. They've each had to fight the skin template in the past.
  10. @Veltjens, if you have any trouble getting the emblem on the aircraft (due to the way the skin is flattened), let us know. I'm sure we can give you a hand with it.
  11. @Veltjens, I hope you don't mind. I've moved this post to the Flying Circus skin discussions area. Looks great so far!
  12. Great looking skins, Goat! My grandfather served with the 389th Fighter Squadron (which flew Jugs). So it's always been an aircraft close to my heart.
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