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  1. Ok.. it seems ive located the problem... It seems, indeed as you pointed out, a loadout mod that i co installed with japancats otherwise excellent a6m pack. Though i didnt use the mods aircraft, i did use Japanese 250 kg bombs to equip stock ki 45 in anti shipping role. I belive this may cause dcg to generate the faulty mission. After removing the newpayload command the problem dissapears. Cheers
  2. I'll check the payloads thx
  3. Its a small third party campaign of mine. All aircraft, ships and vehicles are stock but i am using btm pacific islands retextured map plus up_boomers objects on 4.13.4 with latest sas modact. I'll continue tweaking the campaign files using the new beta, maybe cutting it down to "skeleton campaign" 😁 to find the fault Cheers
  4. Oh, before I forgot... Are static planes a special type of objects in dcg? I can't remove them using removestatic command im timetable
  5. Anyone encounter problems concerning class file and/or landing location? It seems to me anytime I made changes to class file on aircraft category via dcg panel, dcg generated faulty missions (aircraft exploded on the ground) Further, I'm having problem getting dcg to land troops at a harbor location. I noticed there are two new items on the ground war editor namely axis/allied naval supply locations. Any implications resulting from these changes? Cheers
  6. Where can i get the beta??
  7. I'm doing a small campaign using pac island map. i'll definitely try the beta version
  8. Hi, Perhaps a RemoveStatic command could be added as this would give the campaign designer the tool to specify main areas on the map where the actions ahould occur in the campaign, to better control the Dynamics of the campaign. Thanx...... Or has there already been a command of this sort in DCG???
  9. Thank you Paul... I tried it, it worked. 😁 Cheers
  10. Hi, ive started using dcg, again, since my belated discovery of the powers of the timetable file in dcg after reading lonestars excellent pdf guide (took me over 10 years, so shame on me). My question is, is there a file in dcg that can be edited to change pilot names say from german to any other nationalities like vietnamese, by using a text editor, not the dcg sqn panel, or is the whole business hardcoded? Thanks. Cheers
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