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  1. I think there are significant progress though some issues remain unsolved. Here's what I found, BUILD 14 Time setting Normal (as always) GOODIES Static Aircraft added, removed and re-added all on time (no delay)!! Artillery added/removed on time!! Radio Truck (already present in the .mis) removed on time!! Fuel and supply truck added and removed on time! Player(red)sqn down to 1 flight when reequipping with another type of A/C and supply and fuel truck added, this could be due to reequipping rather than fuel/supply issue?? When not reequipping no change in sqn strength. All stationary objs totally removed from the list; not merely deactivated BADDIES Frontline objects still at wrong location as with Build 13; these were spawned minus 1 loc from the contested location (from the attacker point of view). I can post screenshots of the mission builder screen later if you like. Still no defender static objects on actually contested location while no frontline objects from either side present At one point, red armor reached the contested loc; blue (attacking side on allcampaign file) supply column still enroute when the mission ended The next mission DCG turned the location red and red anti aircraft guns were spawned On this day attacker supply column drove through to the last waypt, not stopping at minus 7 waypt. Just curious, did you add/change anything other than the add/remove command on versions later than Build 8? Build 8 seems to spawn frontline objects correctly despite failing to spawn the defender static obj (artillery) on contested location (as opposed to 3.49). It seems to me the mistake concerning frontline units happens after build 8. Also, Build 8 spawns attacker frontline units on the location point (where the front markers are superimposed). Is this how it should be? Do the defending units have to march to the attacker and not the way around? I hope it helps, Cheers
  2. Good luck and thank you for giving us DCG, the great campaign generator for il2 1946
  3. Sorry... still bad news. Here are the results Build 13: When tested on my own simple map (Test3.rds) using stock singapore2 map: Failed to add statics per timetable at all (both "ordinary" and "special" type of static obj (static A/C)) Failed to remove static ALREADY present in .mis file Frontline units still at wrong location; i.e minus one location from the front, from Attacker perspective No defender static objects at the supposed front location (ownership "0") Tendency to generate defensive missions (effect of aggressor being unspecified in the Timetable??) When tested on DCG stock Burma campaign: No frontline units of both sides at battle site Kaya Ferry When tested on DCG stock Solomons USMC summer 1942 campaign: Frontline objects not generated at supposed front location, Lunga River ("0," 637613.75 73801.52), but instead at Edson's ("1," 639687.44 77490.87) So far build 8 seems to be the best but with problems such as: Generates/removes static obj at date plus 1 per timetable Add/Remove static command and no defender static objects (AAA etc.) at contested location
  4. Correction: the beta build 8 places the frontline units correctly but no defender (red) static object as soon as the location is contested. Beta Build 12 and 11 got it wrong while version 3.49 seems to work ok Btw, on allcampagn file, I made Blue the attacker. Sorry for the looong post
  5. On timetable I use the remove command on second day (normal time passage, active front) so at the first glance everything seems ok on the first day except that, at the actual contested location, there are no frontline units and the defender's static object are not present... Only armors and support columns. After the first mission, on mission debriefing screen, the game freezes when I press the apply button. When i shut it down using the task manager a notification box appear "RemoveStatic 526_Static". I click the ok button on it and dcg crashes while the game continues working. So I decide to take the Remove command off the timetable and dcg stops crashing but still no frontline units at the supposed front location. It appears, after opening the campaign mission on the mission builder, dcg places these on the location controlled by the defender and not even listed as contested on dcg location panel. I've been rummaging through my route files, checking for wrong orientation, typos etc but so far I haven't found anything. I also went back as far as version 3.49 where the program finally puts the frontline units at the correct location. The route itself is relatively simple. I use the stock singapore map and drew a land route on an island off the east coast of malaya peninsula (called Tiaman on the map, the one with high mountain ridge) the route starts at the east coast of the island, immediately branching into north and south arms along the island coast that converge on a point at the west coast of the island. This has a harbor location of a looping sea route that connects the island with the mainland. The sea route ends at the harbor location at the town of Mersing on the mainland. From there the land route continues northward and ends at Endau Airfield. In addition there are offmap bases for both blue and red (blue having no on-map bases). Dcg draws the frontline units at Mersing despite the front being on the island, not on the mainland.
  6. Uhm... I think the RemoveStatic command in build 12 broke my campaign until i removed them completely from the timetable file. Also noted some strange things in build 11 and 12 when it comes to location of frontline units (active front, not column). DCG doesn't put these units (both blue and red) at the location where the battle takes place but at another one. It may be caused by my route files... but after looking into it over and over i cant find any problem there. Cheers
  7. Hi Paul, I use normal time passage. I haven't tried out any other time settings. Otherwise the command seems to work very well. The 'harsher' version of build 8 really removes the objects from the list, instead of merely rendering them 'inactive'
  8. Thank you.... Tried it out and noticed that the command was carried out in DCG 1 day after the date in timetable (with possible exception of the first day of the campaign).... Maybe its something with my campaign
  9. Hi Paul, what is exactly the syntax for removing static objects? I don't think it's included in built 11 timetable. Thanx and stay safe
  10. Ok.. it seems ive located the problem... It seems, indeed as you pointed out, a loadout mod that i co installed with japancats otherwise excellent a6m pack. Though i didnt use the mods aircraft, i did use Japanese 250 kg bombs to equip stock ki 45 in anti shipping role. I belive this may cause dcg to generate the faulty mission. After removing the newpayload command the problem dissapears. Cheers
  11. Its a small third party campaign of mine. All aircraft, ships and vehicles are stock but i am using btm pacific islands retextured map plus up_boomers objects on 4.13.4 with latest sas modact. I'll continue tweaking the campaign files using the new beta, maybe cutting it down to "skeleton campaign" to find the fault Cheers
  12. Oh, before I forgot... Are static planes a special type of objects in dcg? I can't remove them using removestatic command im timetable
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