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  1. No, there was me and one other that spawned, the windsock was across from me and if nothing is different in this server this usually marks the end of the R/W. I didn't notice any fires like in other servers, but this I know is a marker placed by the map writer. Not necessarily something that is found on every server. I moved to the sock and aligned the wind on my nose but was still off the R/W and, not able to distinguish between mowed and unmowed grass, or I should say, I still didn't see the mowed area marking the R/W, I tried to T/O, results being predictable. Is the end of the R/W ma
  2. This is a double post, one here where I can easily find it, and one on Discord just for informational purposes. I went on the open server yesterday. I tried to get a JU 88 off one of the fields but couldn't see which way the R/W ran. Ended up not able to get off the ground because I wasn't on the R/W. It was an A/F that seemed to have concrete on the apron and a grass field for the R/W. I looked at the map at the other A/F and noticed it appeared to be of the same configuration, half grass, half concrete. I would ask, for the sake of the 88, which has a very limited field of view in the
  3. Thanks Klaiber, my own opinion, and not endorsed by anyone except me, I hate Discord's text box. I find that information on Discord's text sections can get lost quickly as everything scrolls as more information is added. The information you might be looking for may or not be there, but it isn't obvious as nothing is categorized. The scrolling gets longer and longer, and that w/out titles. I will persevere, Sp00k will see to it. Scrolls are passe. I wish I wasn't the only one asking questions. Then again I suppose everyone is doing so on Discord.
  4. I seem to recall there were 2 secured sections of the forum during FiF for tactical discussions, each side having access to one or the other. Am I really that blind, or do they not exist? Sorry for this if I'm really that blind.
  5. If you can't get your butt into a slit trench quick enough (despawn) and are killed in a parked A/C, does that count as a death?
  6. TWC_Target The Wrecking Crew Pilot EST
  7. Not sure what's going on, but I can't register on this forum. I can't get past the security check, maybe because I was registered once as a Black Haze pilot? TWC_Target The wrecking Crew Central After several attempts at registration, you really can't post as a quest, I was able to get it done. That security check is flawed, the final correct answer was the same answer I used at least a dozen times. Besides assembling the picture.
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