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  1. Updated, password is Wingwalkers https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ar1UoBZBsAJMiT4N9mF3cc4VTnNS?e=o4fg5J
  2. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ar1UoBZBsAJMiTge6G7tqPow0u6Z?e=H88u0O pw is Wingwalkers The 'stang is a work in progress (but flyable), the Spit is pretty much done
  3. I'll figure something out, maybe a drop box where one of you can grab them (not sure how to make them 2k, I'm NOT the artist...)
  4. Discord also denied the transfer. Oh well, no biggie...
  5. Files are too big, I'll try Discord...
  6. I should have my Spit and 51 skin ready for next week
  7. Any time you want to sort out the COMPLAN, let me know. I can't be there Tue, but pretty sure we can get together this week sometime.
  8. Was fun, always a pleasure to fly with different folks! S!
  9. Name: WWDarkdiz Sqn Affiliation: Wing Walkers Virtual Pilots Preference: Pilot (Fighter), Gunner Central Time Zone Comms: TS3 and SRS, request the sqn I fly with let me know in advance their TS server (if they have one) coordinates so I can setup an appropriate channel switching profile for their server on my 'Hawg I MAY not be able to make all of the sessions, but will try and schedule around them.
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