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  1. You might have just won the war! Moxy
  2. ~S~ Red Team! This Tuesday 3 23 21 at 9pm (ET) JG1 will be Hosting Red team practice. Will be using a modified (Extra Air base's ) war map, to cut down some fly time. There will be opportunities for pilots and tankers, to perform any tactics of choice TeamSpeak: JG1's TS will be used as "Home base comm's" for the tournament and practices. PTT and whispers are a must. TS organizational, Command/Op-Ords and tactical aspects are being discussed. Postings will be forth coming. "Our" 1st dry run will be this coming Saturday March 27th. This will be 1 of 2 finale Pass w
  3. ~S~ Red Team! This will probably be the last time that the server will be run "open house/ non PW'd" before the tournament. A live fire opportunity!!! "Red Team" will be meeting and utilizing... JG1 TeamSpeak in the "JG1 Events" channels, for comms. JG1_Schulte (Moxy)
  4. ~S~ Red . We'll be putting up the server at 9:15, " JG1 Combined arms" (No PW), at 9:15 (ET) for the opportunity, to tournament start. Also be using JG1's Team Speak (JG1 events channels) for comm's . . Since this is an "Open Server" , "Impromptu" rehearsal, no pw.... this also also invites Blue. Everything depends on pilot and tanker participant numbers, of what "we" have capabilities of accomplishing. Primary area of battle will be up in the North. One thing of note...TiF is a limited plane and tank set, with timed replenishment. https://forum.jg1.org/fo
  5. ~S~ Guys try turning "exclusive" off (zero), in the Start up config. Exclusive give the game override capability might work [KEY = input] exclusive = 0 <-------------- input_map = "input.map" mouse_plane_control = 0 old_trackir = 0 turrets_angle_limit = 0.00000 turrets_dc = 1 Mox
  6. ~S~ Etzel Just recently switched to nvida from AMD! (the differences are very visually subtle) There are few shaders with in BoX that my AMD didn't process as intended (didnt realize till the switch) (correctable with a Vulcan wrapper, or reshade, but that's another story) The 1st 2 things I noticed immediately after the switch, was a luma? glow (aircraft on fire) , that was not visible on my AMD. Also the rendering of the GUI map...the tone-aility was slightly more readable. Another big factor for myself from AMD to Nvida, was aircraft render. Nvida seems to b
  7. Win 10 is a resource and data collecting sponge! Had horrible input lag on my stick.(old school run a clean boot) If you choose you cant cut a lot of unneeded bloat. And maybe even find Zupper power! (hidden power setting) Did about 90% of this with great results. Will see how long the changes hold. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgW7iXejfqQ
  8. Yes! Were probably putting up an experimental new map for Wednesdays !
  9. Heinrich ~S~ Yes were working towards something. Mox
  10. ~S~ Were ping ponging with SCG on Sundays....at least in concept. Mox
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