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  1. Win 10 is a resource and data collecting sponge! Had horrible input lag on my stick.(old school run a clean boot) If you choose you cant cut a lot of unneeded bloat. And maybe even find Zupper power! (hidden power setting) Did about 90% of this with great results. Will see how long the changes hold. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgW7iXejfqQ
  2. Yes! Were probably putting up an experimental new map for Wednesdays !
  3. Heinrich ~S~ Yes were working towards something. Mox
  4. ~S~ Were ping ponging with SCG on Sundays....at least in concept. Mox
  5. updated discord https://discord.gg/QZyWYEp
  6. Tank n Spank Sunday 1:30 central JG1 is on discord. ~S~ Wednesday was a gas! And a hell of a lot of tactics going on. I would like to reiterate, as tankers are going, and getting tactical. Also understanding "their" environment ... Realize! Tactically "The ultimate Victory Condition is.... To rule the world. Airbases are capture able. @everyone - hope to see you this Sunday, October 4th at 6:30PM UTC (2:30PM EDT / 1:30PM CDT).
  7. Were putting it up "open house" on the JG1 server. Mox
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