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CTD mid mission


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On a 5900x 12 core, 32 gig, 1080ti and ssd. Not a hardware issue, game runs great, pc is a little over a year old.

I cranked up the number of flights per squadron for a target rich environment. I am unable to get through a mission as eventually I will CTD, particularly if a lot of things get blown up.

May be limitations in IL-2, don't know and I did a couple searches to see if this issue was reported elsewhere and didn't see anything.

I am running Off Line Career Auto Generation with DGen replaced and playing one of the marked DCG campaigns. In this case Tulagi in an F4F.

I will try toning down the quantity tomorrow and see if it's the game getting over stressed.

Great job btw. This is still the best WW2 air combat game.

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