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  1. You'll need to add reference to it to the campaign files, too. I cant remember the name of the files right now, because I haven't touched the game since months ago, though. You NEED to add the moded map to the .mis folder, but it's not the only thin you jeed to do.
  2. I have never had a premonition of death event. Is there anything that repeats in the missions you've flown that may be suspect? Could you post a log if somehing similar happenas again?
  3. I don't know if this is necrothread, because although this thread is old, it's still in the first page. Anyways, how did you got an exclusively torpedo bomber squadron? And not do GAttack missions? Did you just write 'none' in the loadouts that weren't torpedo bombing? Or did you do something else? It's been ages I didn't visit this forum, now that I think of it
  4. Hello! DCG doesn't include BAT or any mod, HOWEVER, DCG is so malleable you can include any mod you want. Check this link There is also a .doc manual for a previous version of DCG https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php?topic=50725.0 Some things are a little outdated, though, but Tailspin and Lonestar manual complement each other. And of course, you can always ask here.
  5. These are the commands you can use with timetable What you are looking for is NameSquad 19410807 NameSquad code_of_IKG51 code_of_IIIJG52
  6. Stats get reseted when you die, if you have set the "Reset stats on death" or something in DCG How about you start a new campaign and show us the log file?
  7. Death is a relative thing. How about you post your after mission error.dcg? Before pressing apply, just alt-tab the game.
  8. [2020/06/26 16:23:31.333] 9AF_036FG_22FS0 modifies route to escort 8AF_353FG_350FS0. [2020/06/26 16:23:31.334] 9AF_036FG_22FS0 begins enroute to target. You are 22th FS, no? Also, notice how it loads data twice [2020/06/26 16:23:16.345] The scenario is "Invasion". [2020/06/26 16:23:17.585] Campaign Data Files = C:\Ubisoft\IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 - 4.13\IL2DCG\WarOverItaly\ [2020/06/26 16:23:17.586] Campaign Backup Files = C:\Ubisoft\IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 - 4.13\IL2DCG\Backup\Invasion_US\ [2020/06/26 16:23:18.721] Campaign Info processed. [2020/06/26 16:23:18.723] The map is In
  9. Could you still take the time to post the error.dcg when you create a GAttack mission with air start? It would be really interesting to see what actually happened. Glad you could fix that occurrence.
  10. What plane are you using? In DCG, not every landing site suports every plane. This is easily changed, BTW, so no worries. You need to tell us what campaign are you flying and what plane. Did you check difficulty settings when you started the campaign? Could it be you accidentally set for only airstarts? How many squadrons are there in the campaign? Too many active squadrons in a .mis file may prevent your flight for starting in an airfield. Could you post the dcgerror.txt file here, please?
  11. Ok, so I saved as UTF-8. This is what happened Edit: saved both, .rds and allcampaigns.dcg as ANSI and the issue was gone.
  12. Yes. However, I've been thinking about it and something similar happens with my Age of Empires. Say, the stock description of a unit or civilization has a description with áéíóúñ. If I mod it and I preserve the áéíóúñ the game either crashes or doesn't show the text. So maybe the issue is with Windows codification. I remember we discussed something similar with a Zielona Góra Airfield. When you write the .rds files, do you use notepad? vi? vim? other? Edit: new development in Age of Empires. If I save a txt (or .per file, which are the AI files) in ANSI, the gam
  13. So, I created a campaign in Northwest Europe. Allied supply zone is Büderiech, according to DCG, but as there is no Büderiech in the .rds file, only Büderiech, when a column gets destroyed, it doesn't come back. In fact, Büderich is Axis. Edit: now you all know I like Digimon
  14. Neither 19420101 SetEscort RAF_No616SQN0 = none nor 19420101 SetEscort RAF_No616SQN0 = RAF_No616SQN0 work That's too bad. Edit: If I try 19420101 SetEscort RAF_No616SQN0 = RAF_No616SQN1 It may work, but Meteors are as good as fighters as Stukas or Il-10's
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