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  1. Sorry, layer 8 error. I forgot to add Polish_Airfield to locale section in Berlin AND to check in the Axis squadrons if it was part of the avaiable airfields. Corrected that, it works exactly as you say. Thanks!
  2. Added a Polish_Airfield to berlin.rds. There is a Polish_Airfield in the Ground war panel, but it's not choosable in the Airfields in the Squadron panel
  3. Because I don't see any autogenerated Static Runway in Berlin, Western Europe or Balaton, even when they have an English Airfield Edit: I once added a 'Polish_Airfield' in the Berlin map, and it didn't autogenerate a static runway object. I had already one, however. And that was in .49 final, so maybe things changed in .50b5?
  4. So, airfields.dcg gives you the ability to choose the first waypoints and direction of an airfield, like this [Wheeler_Airfield] TAKEOFF 252518.25 53145.05 0 0 NORMFLY 250011.80 55739.09 300.00 300.00 NORMFLY 246434.23 60304.33 600.00 300.00 NORMFLY 246741.50 66076.73 900.00 300.00 NORMFLY 250494.66 70949.25 1200.00 300.00 So, how about the ability to link the LANDING waypoint to some static object? [Dummy_airfield] LANDING 101824.38 34384.53 0 0 0_Static 0 &0 for 0_Static ships.Ship$RwyTransp 2 102303.80 33934.20 585.00 0.0 20 2 1.0
  5. So the static artillery/objects don't actually need to correspond to the columns? So GermanyCarsColumnC could place japanese cars, for example?
  6. Chiefs stood still for 4 campain days until I added wagon8 objects
  7. So, since like 2-3 campaigns days the Allied columns don't move forward. Tailspin document says that this happens because Allies have no Wagon8 objects, which means they don't have in map oil, just off map oil. So, my question is, is oil still linked to only Wagon8 objects? Does having oil or cargo trucks count for oil? So, I could just add some Wagon8 Allied objects in the stationary.dcg file if I just wanted Allied columns to move forward, right? Edit: I've answered my own question Yes, only Wagon8 work for the oil system. And yes, If I add some wagon8 objects, the columns move forward.
  8. Isn't buildings.dcg the file in which FMB placed objects are stored?
  9. I though it may have been the map, so I tried with other map, in another career and the buildings started shining new, so the issue is not the map. I checked the houses.dcg file in both campaigns and they were both empty: they both had only [House] written in. Could you take a look into it, please?
  10. I started a campaign just to see if maybe I was mistaken, so in the first mission I bombed the crap out of a city and then quit mission. I loaded the next mission and the buildings appeared as good as new.
  11. Offline campaign, replacing stock dgen with dcg, with 50b3
  12. It's weird, because there was a city that was bombed to smithereens in a mission, and in the next mission it was intact. The buildings that were destroyed were map buildings, not added buildings (FMB objects).
  13. Hi! The other day, I destroyerd some buildings, and in the next mission I realized that they didn't remain destroyed. Does DCG record building destruction?
  14. Maybe, but the side controlling the location was Germany, and those Chiefs were Allied. Tangentially related: now that you mention it, does the word Factory only has to be in the name of the location? For example, could I name a location sdfuysfkjh_Factory_fjghsddsg and would work as a Factory the same as Factory_AaAa and BbBbB_Factory?
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