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  1. Edit Dude, I posted this in announcements!!!! I'm sorry!!!!!!! This post should be moved!!!! Hi! 1. Solved: I'll just take a look at solomons4401.rds. Ignore question 1 Say I want to go from location A to location D, going through some water. Before and after the water pass, I have Location B and location C. So, should I do [LocationA to LocationB] [LocationB to LocationB_Ferry] [LocationB_Ferry to LocationC_Ferry] [LocationC_Ferry to LocationC] [LocationC to LocationD] Or can I do [LocationA to LocationB_Ferry] [LocationB_Ferry to LocationC_Ferry] [LocationC_Ferry to LocationD] 2. Can I have a Location_Ferry as base, if I want to supply an island from the sea? Another edit: so, as idefix said, I read again Tailspin notes and there it said ##Home = Supply zone for each side. (This can be an airfield). Home locations must be in the roads file (*.rds)...(and not be named "Sea", "Ocean", "Bay", "Harbor", etc...). So, maybe _Ferry is a forbbiden keyword 3. srd files have Location_1, Location_2, ..., Location_n sea routes. What does this actually mean? Does this work in .rds files? If I have, I don't know, Moscow_1, Moscow_2, Moscow_3, what happens? How would bomb assignement work in that case? Planes bomb Moscow, so, would they choose one of the Moscow_n's at random? Would they always go to Moscow_1? Could I have Moscow_1 and Moscow at the same time? Could I make Moscow as base, under those circumstances? I actually want to make a target rich environment, and a big city with plenty of industrial zones is perfect for it, so I thought that adding those would be a good idea, instead of Northern_Moscow, Southeast_Moscow or whatever. 4. Say I want a Location_Station being bombed. How could I do that? I've just seen train busting missions, but I want to bomb static trains. Of course, adding Location_Station to the .rds file doesn't work. Thanks! You always help me, and I doubt I can buy you a hamburger, so have an awesome gecko instead
  2. My guess is that is a compound primary key: code and air force, because everything else depends on those two. Name should be a non-primary key because it depends on code and air force and nothing depends on name. I believe that hypothesis should be falsifiable using two rows using the same name and code, and start campaigns a few times, using different orders and different nationalities and see what happens.
  3. Two small things I've just discovered creating campaigns. You can change the name and behaviour of planes depending of the country for which they fly. For example, if I copy and paste the carachteristics of a plane, but change the nationality TBF1 TBF-1 Avenger un 1 4 0 194112 194406 none TBF-1 TBD1 4000 Meters 360.00 kph 800 km 360.00 kph TBF1 Avenger Mk.I rn 1 4 0 194112 194406 none TBF-1 TBD1 4000 Meters 360.00 kph 800 km 360.00 kph TBF1C TBF-1C Avenger un 1 4 0 194207 194412 none TBF-1C none 4000 Meters 360.00 kph Default 360.00 kph TBF1C Avenger Mk.II rn 1 4 0 194207 194412 none TBF-1C none 4000 Meters 360.00 kph Default 360.00 kph TBM3 TBM-3 Avenger un 1 4 0 194406 194612 none TBM-3 none 4000 Meters 360.00 kph Default 360.00 kph TBM3AVENGER3 Avenger Mk.III rn 1 4 0 194212 194612 none AvengerMkIII none 4000 Meters 360.00 kph Default 360.00 kph If the TBF1 is flying for the us navy, they will be refered to as 'TBF-1 Avenger'. 'A TBF-1 Avenger crashed near Location' Now, if the same plane flies for the royal navy, it will be refered as 'Avenger Mk. I'. 'You must escort Avenger Mk.I to Location'. This might mean that you can apply different speeds, heights and roles for different planes. Say, P_47 as fighter for RAF and as GAttack for USAAF, or something like that. One of the first questions I made here was if there is a way to restrict role depending on the country and you totally can. I was refering to the Avenger, specifically, so I was asking if it was possible to make the British avengers to be GAttack and the American Avengers to be only torpedo bomber. Well, no, because there isn't a class 'Only torpedo bomber', but you can make Polish Il-2's level bombers and Soviet Il-2's GAttack. Other thing I discovered is that if you don't have an airfield because you only have carriers, you might need to add an airfieldrestrictions.dcg file to your folder. Doesn't need to have anything written on it.
  4. Again with resurrecting old threads, sorry When beacheadreset is off, if a defender unit dies, it will respawn in the location of said beachhead, right? So there is a way to make a unit respawn in certain zone, right? Sorry if it seems that I'm posting too much. I'll should check out the sunlight a little bit more, now that I think of it.
  5. Did some testing on my own and that was exactly it. This was the stock DCG Berlin.rls btw, by the way. I changed the original Rail_Bridge90 entry to Swiebodzin_Rail_Bridge90 and the bridge was captured by the Allies.
  6. Bridge is between two stations. Now that I've understood road locations, is it necessary for the bridge to have a road location associated with it? It's just called Rail_Bridge90, not some_location_Rail_Bridge90
  7. Ok, my computer refuses to let me change the read only label, so I'll guess I'll have to live with it. It's weird because I've, at no point, changed TO read only those files, and I've modified plenty of data files lately, but, oh well... I've also gathered that when you have persistent errors in DCG, even when you restore every file, it's because sometimes, DCG lingers in memory, even after you've closed it, so, in those cases, you have to close it with Task Manager, which takes like, 3 seconds.
  8. This has nothing to do with DCG, but I remember a few times that while trying to optimize my code I realized that I was basically writing it again, deleting almost half of what I had. And of course, you end up implementing new functions you didn't know existed while you were writing your code.
  9. Ok, This conversations is super old, but given that there aren't many new posts, I figured, well, why create a new one. What do you mean by "road" location? Because I have a rail bridge and the three locations, defined in the .rds file, nearby are Allied, but the rail bridge remains Axis.
  10. As I click on il2dcg.exe and that message appears. The next line of the message reads 'Read of address 00000258.' DCG then starts normally, but if I try to create a campaign, no campaign.ini is created and no mission is created; all the rest of the files are created. This happens with all careers and nationalities. I'm using 3.50 beta7 with Stock Il-2 4.14.1 I tried to restore the Data folder and the exe, but the error still persists. I remember that something similar happened with beta6, but as I already was flying some campaigns, I didn't give too much importance. Edit: I swear I did nothing, but now the game creates the campaigns. It still gives me the same errors
  11. Say I have a path: DEbase, point 1, point 2, ...point j, ...point n-1, point n, RUbase. RU is the attacker Say the path between point j and RUbase is blocked between point j and point j+1. Say I place a DE column in point j. What happens? Does the column return to see if there is a point where it can move forward to RUbase or does it just stay there? What happens if it's blocked between two points and I place a DE column between those points?
  12. But I was thinking, DCG knows where a unit dies. DCG also knows where to place units on the start of the campaign: if in a master .mis, the waypoint 0 of a chief is less than 30 km (or 3 km? I don't remember) of a location, the chief starts in that location. Oh, well. Thanks any way!!!!! Besides, I've been reading that the Elbe was THE demarcation line between allied forces, so British/American forces were far away from Slovakia. There are only mod maps that have the Elbe river. Anyways, a workaround would be placing some stationary armor and moving them every day or so with timetable. By the way, if I place a lot of stationary armor, would enemy chief columns move towards them or do chief columns only search for other chief columns?
  13. So, I'm doing an Slovakia campaign and I want to, at some point, make American/British columns to appear from the West side of the map. This is easy doable. However, when they die, they will spawn on the East side, as the RUbase is there. So is the solution two bases, make specific dead columns in specific places or have I forgotten something?
  14. Yeah, sure. As long as you are using DCG
  15. So, you have a career and you want to start another one? And you want to modify that other one before starting? OR you want to modify the career you are already playing? The first, you can do without problem. My guess for the second is that you can modify the campaign that will come later without issue, but perhaps you'll have issues because you didn't choos an airplane for that campaign when you started a career, because that campaign didn't exist.
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