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  1. Would it be possible to share how will you do it? Because I thought about different solution algorithms and I want to know which one will you use
  2. You could take the unitary vectors that define every side of the payrol box and point multiply with the unitary vector of the wind. The first waypoint should be on the side in which the product of vectors is less. The second waypoint should be on the side that gives the most distance to the first waypoint. Edit: I don't know what I was thinking. Just calculate the max lentgh formed by a segment paralell to the wind, inside the patrol box. Get the equation of the segment and evaluate points from the easternmost point of the patrol box.
  3. That would be REALLY bothersome to implement, I guess. Because basically, you'll have to check carrier/airplane combinations that make planes accident prone* and, if there are, place the first two waypoints of ALL the taskforce in a way that the movement is parallel to the wind. AND it should check if they are in the patrol box specified in the prd file. Maybe those two waypoints should be the vertices of the patrol box that are more apart? *Maybe a file for that? Something like carrier_plane.dcg. If user places a plane/carrier combination, DCG modifies waypoints, or whatever, so modders can add their own plane/carrier combo. **Or maybe, don't check and always place the two waypoints so velocity is parallel to wind speed.
  4. Yes, I'm using wind. I'm trying to make them take-off British Illustrious carriers. Check this http://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=ForumsPro&file=viewtopic&t=24149 Corsairs, Seafires and Hellcats take-off without issue
  5. So, there are planes that absolutely don't go along with moving [Chief] carriers (that actually should be able to take-off with out issue), like the Avenger. Now, this has nothing to do with DCG. but with the game itself. Knowing that, what kind of wourkarounds in DCG are there for that? For example, in a Kyushu map, there are the moving carriers and there is Townsville airfield. My first idea is to assign Avengers to Townsville airfield, but that would defeat the purpose of having carries in the first place. Other workaround would be assign Avengers to Townsville airfield and place a static carrer, but then, why have chief carriers in the first place then. What other workarounds would you thing would be good? Would adding something like [number_Chief] NORMFLY 189432.94 166343.06 300.00 300.00 NORMFLY 189842.50 167100.62 600.00 300.00 or [Carrier_name] or [Carrier_class] (like Ships.HMSIllustriousCV, for example) to airfields.dcg work?
  6. Yes, I did exactly that. Thanks! By the way, what happens if I say, open DCG at the beggining of a mission and close it, and then open it again when I'm about to quit mission? Would the date/time stamp sync again?
  7. ...but I actually shot down an enemy figther, a bunch of my bombers got killed, and so a lot more enemy figthers. And we destroyed plenty of trucks. I even saw all of that in the map in the debriefing. I'm using stock Il2 14.1 and DCG3.50b5
  8. What happens if I do 19410702 PriorityLandingSite Allied = Odessa 19410705 PriorityLandingSite Allied = Some_Other_place ? Will the first one be overriden or the second one ignored?
  9. But if there is, say, a Polish or a New Zealand squadron in a campaign, mnames and birth citeas are generated without issues. [PZL111FS0] 004 000 028 Jerzy Konieczny @DGen\PL\17 *51 &1914Krakow 003 000 010 Jan Wysoczynski @DGen\PL\24 *11 &1924Lubin 004 000 011 Vassili Szwarc @DGen\PL\12 *21 &1922Lubin 000 000 000 Leon Chaustowicz @DGen\PL\05 *00 &1924Warsaw 003 000 008 Yakub Zacharzewski @DGen\PL\02 *41 &1912Radom 000 000 005 Zygmunt Pantalayev @DGen\PL\02 *10 &1920Lubin 002 000 014 Ivan Derewinski @DGen\PL\30 *20 &1918Radom 001 000 013 Vartan Suszek @DGen\PL\28 *10 &1924Radom 006 000 020 Michal Kotek @DGen\PL\14 *32 &1918Warsaw 000 000 002 Krzysztof Seriuk @DGen\PL\26 *00 &1926Radom 002 000 015 Ivan Pantalayev @DGen\PL\22 *20 &1922Krakow 000 000 000 Nikolay Poruczniczak @DGen\PL\02 *00 &1926Lubin 004 000 017 Vladimir Gorielov @DGen\PL\30 *31 &1920Lubin 000 000 000 Grigoriy Gaszyn @DGen\PL\12 *00 &1925Radom 003 000 012 Stanislaw Baychykov @DGen\PL\07 *11 &1925Radom 000 000 001 Semen Seriuk @DGen\PL\15 *00 &1922Krakow So, pilot names and birth cities are created. Maybe the stock Dgen files are used? BTW, it would be cool to add nationalities, for mod use, or even, stock use. It would be nice having RCAF pilots from Montreal and not from Manchester.
  10. Would this work for mods with added nationalities? Say Asura's Dgen modpack, that adds chinese, yugoslavian and korean, for example. Would I just need to add a CN_names.dat and add a chinese section in cities.dat? Would that be the same for adding squadrons to squadsid.dat file? Just add the generic chinese flight and add below chinese squadrons?
  11. Hi, everyone! What are good Slovakia map campaigns out there that you would recommend? Specifically, set in the late war period? Like 44-45
  12. Sorry, layer 8 error. I forgot to add Polish_Airfield to locale section in Berlin AND to check in the Axis squadrons if it was part of the avaiable airfields. Corrected that, it works exactly as you say. Thanks!
  13. Added a Polish_Airfield to berlin.rds. There is a Polish_Airfield in the Ground war panel, but it's not choosable in the Airfields in the Squadron panel
  14. Because I don't see any autogenerated Static Runway in Berlin, Western Europe or Balaton, even when they have an English Airfield Edit: I once added a 'Polish_Airfield' in the Berlin map, and it didn't autogenerate a static runway object. I had already one, however. And that was in .49 final, so maybe things changed in .50b5?
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