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Help with error log


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G'd Lo


Can you tell me what DCG is failing on in the below log?


[2013/11/05 22:18:54.315] Campaign Start Button Clicked.

[2013/11/05 22:18:54.616] Target Locations processed.

[2013/11/05 22:18:54.617] Manual Campaign Import Begun

[2013/11/05 22:18:54.628] Ship Info processed.

[2013/11/05 22:18:54.630] Import of Squadrons Begins.

[2013/11/05 22:18:54.631] Squadron Merging Begins.

[2013/11/05 22:18:54.631] Import of Squadrons Complete.

[2013/11/05 22:18:54.638] Campaign Preferences Saved.

[2013/11/05 22:18:54.639] Manual Campaign Import Finished

[2013/11/05 22:18:54.804] Campaign folder (C:\Ubisoft\IL-2 Sturmovik 1946\Missions\Net\Coop\DCG\) selected.

[2013/11/05 22:18:54.807] Set Target Nation Began.

[2013/11/05 22:18:54.807] Set Target Nation Ended.

[2013/11/05 22:18:54.937] Campaign Data Files = C:\Users\Colin\Desktop\il2dcg347\new3rdparty\

[2013/11/05 22:18:54.938] Campaign Backup Files =

[2013/11/05 22:18:55.71] Campaign Info processed.

[2013/11/05 22:18:55.74] Target Locations processed.

[2013/11/05 22:18:55.74] Set Target Nation Began.

[2013/11/05 22:18:55.75] Set Target Nation Ended.

[2013/11/05 22:18:55.205] Campaign Data Files = C:\Users\Colin\Desktop\il2dcg347\new3rdparty\

[2013/11/05 22:18:55.205] Campaign Backup Files =

[2013/11/05 22:18:55.356] Campaign Info processed.

[2013/11/05 22:18:55.374] Target Locations processed.

[2013/11/05 22:18:55.375] Set Target Nation Began.

[2013/11/05 22:18:55.375] Set Target Nation Ended.

[2013/11/05 22:18:55.511] Campaign Data Files = C:\Users\Colin\Desktop\il2dcg347\new3rdparty\


Files created correctly are the buildings, cameras, campaign, columns, houses, mds, rockets, squadrons, and stationary dcg files. I believe that the next normally successful line in the log is "Checking Stationary List"


Edit: I'm guessing it cannot find the map ? maybe? to place stationary items or something? In which case this is how that looks like from the mater mission file:


MAP mrz_Centmed/GW_centmed_load.ini


I have a Maps entry and allcampaigns entry as Axis is set to South. Here is the entry in the all.ini file:



**Mediterranean**20_Maps 20_Maps/load.ini

Algeria_Tunisia_Sicily Algeria_Tunisia_Sicily/load.ini

CentralMed(mrz) mrz_Centmed/mrz_centmed_load.ini

CentralMed(GW) mrz_Centmed/GW_centmed_load.ini



IF I'm right, what should the bits be in the Mamps and allcampaigns section. I have tried several variations.





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You have 3 ‘names’:


AAA: campaign scenario name

BBB: scenario map with your customised roads, etc.

CCC: ‘physical’ map


You have the following files:


AAA.mis – your campaign scenario master file:



MAP CCC/load….ini


BBB.rds, BBB.srd – your routes














[AAA1 to AAA2] Red/Blue












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