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  1. Well sounds a bit off context, but just delete the ship off your column.dcg. Either in the column.dcg itself (text editor) or via dcg gui. If that doesent work send me the campaign and I correct it for you.
  2. DCG has actually no setting to change the game difficulty setting. As example you could test a bf109 instead , in which u can view the motor sucking the fuel.
  3. Hi Paul, I already posted this into the RC thread. I thought it could be due to my custom MDS campaign. Then I tried it today with stock campaign I receive again an integer error. Let me know if I can support you in this case. DCGError.txt [2017.10.03 04:04:35.621] Parameter String0 = D:\Il2 Dedicated Server 4134\DCG349\il2dcg.exe [2017.10.03 04:04:35.627] DCG.ini processed. [2017.10.03 04:04:35.634] Loaded messages processed. [2017.10.03 04:04:35.640] Game version checked [1946]. [2017.10.03 04:04:35.644] Game version includes IL2AEP [True]. [2017.10.03 04:04:35.648] Game version successfully set up. [2017.10.03 04:04:35.659] Mission Button Enabled. [2017.10.03 04:04:35.663] Player Name Checked. [2017.10.03 04:04:35.769] Universal Paints Initialized. [2017.10.03 04:04:35.776] Description Determined. [2017.10.03 04:04:35.786] Ship Info processed. [2017.10.03 04:04:35.894] Campaign Data Files = D:\Il2 Dedicated Server 4134Mod\DCG349\Data\ [2017.10.03 04:04:35.899] Campaign Backup Files = D:\Il2 Dedicated Server 4134Mod\DCG349\Backup\Kuban42_DE\ [2017.10.03 04:04:36.7] Campaign Info processed. [2017.10.03 04:04:36.16] Target Locations processed. [2017.10.03 04:04:36.21] Read Territory information. [2017.10.03 04:04:36.24] Set Target Nation Began. [2017.10.03 04:04:36.32] Set Target Nation Ended. [2017.10.03 04:04:36.36] Checking Stationary List [2017.10.03 04:04:36.591] Stationary Objects Check. [2017.10.03 04:04:36.596] Initialize Campaign. [2017.10.03 04:04:36.599] Form Create Complete [2017.10.03 04:04:38.333] Ship Info processed. [2017.10.03 04:04:38.860] Stationary Objects Check. [2017.10.03 04:04:38.867] Master Log routine begins. [2017.10.03 04:04:38.872] Campaign folder (D:\Il2 Dedicated Server 4134\Missions\FBDj\) selected. [2017.10.03 04:04:38.875] Game Path = D:\Il2 Dedicated Server 4134\ [2017.10.03 04:04:38.879] Finding configuration file to determine log file name. [2017.10.03 04:04:38.883] Logfile = eventlog.lst [2017.10.03 04:04:38.893] Copying Eventlog to log.dcg. [2017.10.03 04:04:38.907] Mission Path = fbdj\ [2017.10.03 04:04:38.911] Check for Game Mode. [2017.10.03 04:04:38.916] Log reader mode selected is Standard. [2017.10.03 04:04:38.919] The Log date is [Oct 3, 2017 1:39:58 AM]. [2017.10.03 04:04:38.923] Transfer Human Pilots to Gunner File [2017.10.03 04:04:38.982] Log reader mode selected is Standard. [2017.10.03 04:04:38.986] The Log date is [Oct 3, 2017 1:39:58 AM]. [2017.10.03 04:04:38.990] Rayevskaya lost 9 Allied troops. [2017.10.03 04:04:39.1] Rayevskaya lost 9 Allied troops. [2017.10.03 04:04:39.16] Car Column Info processed. [2017.10.03 04:04:39.22] Car Column Info processed. [2017.10.03 04:04:39.38] Car Column Info processed.
  4. I guess this is an option I will never bve able to understand for a long time, as I know I aksed for that in the old forums several time.... Can someone explain the function of that command for the special people plz. I need to set squadrons AI or manual via timetable, but as it is a MDS grandcampaihn I cant pin it down to the date. As I can say when a before running campaign will end. However I could set a date, but tbh I would like to keep things dynamic.
  5. Hi Paul, i got still issues with the latest RC 3.49b14 After a few mission I receive a integer error Do you got any idea what could cause that?
  6. Well DCG is actually a one-man-show and it is made for free in freetime by Lowengrin and supported since more than a decade. I dont think one should expect to work out the historrical context, as his work here is more as a coder and less a texter. However, you are able yourself to add historrical context by adding your desired text into the briefing of your chose campaign. (e.g. timetable.dcg).
  7. Yes, Skin folder inside. Strange thing....
  8. Hi Paul, it looks like the mds file is not exported for online campaigns. Maybe that belongs aswell to the new files you added to dcg lately? It isnt a big find, as copy&paste do the job aswell. btw we still keep flying dcg in mds weekly (atm daily) since I think 6 years.....
  9. [Mods] section works. Thx a lot!
  10. Hi Paul, I know bugfixing is a unthankful job, but maybe I can bother you to have look into this, or maybe you can give me a hint. We are flying MDS Mode under fbdj. All AI planes are set to AI Only (via squadron editor) All human planes are set to human only (via squadron editor) Flight Size 1 / Axis flight Size 2 When a mission is generated, 2 AI plane are generated for the human flight (one for each flight), which of course effects the human squadron count. Is there a way to stop spawning AI planes for human squadrons? squadron.dcg [I_JG270] Planes 16/16-0+1 Skill 1 Class air.BF_109E7NZ Active True Human Only 1default.bmp Tmimi_Airstrip Radio generated .mis file [I_JG2700] Planes 1 Skill0 1 pilot0 de_17.bmp Class air.BF_109E7NZ Fuel 100 weapons default [I_JG2700_Way] TAKEOFF 45750.33 193557.05 0 0 &0 NORMFLY 43250.00 196056.00 1300 360.00 IV_StG210 1 &0 NORMFLY 36500.00 189307.00 1600 360.00 &0 NORMFLY 40750.00 183557.00 1900 360.00 &0 NORMFLY 45749.00 183557.00 2200 360.00 &0 [I_JG2701] Planes 1 Skill0 1 pilot0 de_06.bmp Class air.BF_109E7NZ Fuel 100 weapons default [I_JG2701_Way] TAKEOFF 45750.33 193557.05 0 0 &0 NORMFLY 43750.00 196556.00 1500 360.00 IV_StG210 1 &0 NORMFLY 37650.00 189957.00 1800 360.00 &0 NORMFLY 41250.00 184557.00 2100 360.00 &0 NORMFLY 45749.00 184557.00 2400 360.00 &0 NORMFLY 50250.00 189057.00 2700 360.00 &0 NORMFLY 48903.00 196710.00 6000.0 360.00 IV_StG210 1 &0 NORMFLY 52055.00 199862.00 4500.0 280.00 IV_StG210 2 &0 NORMFLY 62841.00 194370.00 4500.0 280.00 IV_StG210 2 &0 NORMFLY 109725.00 126428.00 3500.0 280.00IV_StG210 4 &0 NORMFLY 147612.00 110214.00 3525.0 280.00 IV_StG210 5 &0 NORMFLY 198699.00 85300.00 5100.0 360.00 &0 [BornPlace0] Bf-109F-4 He-111H-11 Bf-110E-2 [BornPlace1] Bf-109F-4 [BornPlace2] Bf-109F-4 Ju-88A-4 [BornPlace3] Bf-110E-2 [BornPlace4] MC-202_III [BornPlace5] Ju-88A-4 [BornPlace6] Bf-109E-7Z Ju-87B-2 So for each human flight, one AI is generated. The Bf109-E7Z of mentioned I_JG270 is as well a record in the BornPlace. Any idea or hints would be welcome. If it is as it is, I would try count that effect into my resupply Rate. But maybe you got an easy fix...?
  11. Good question. I will try it with the stock class.dcg. Although I never touched the Ju52 in the class file. edit: no it keeps the same. I cant choose the Ju52 in the squadron editor.
  12. Gonna check that right now,thx.
  13. The Ju52 is in the master file. However you can add almost each plane within the squadron editor aswell.
  14. Hi folks, When I start a campaign, I can choose one of my carriers and assing aircrafts. The aircraft (Fulmar ) i set to the carrier in FMB is assigned as well correct. As soon I generate a mission, no carrier is available in the squadron editor to assing aircrafts. Neither is the formerly set aircraft (Fulmar) assigned to the carrier nor am i able to spawn there. Means no Homebase is set for the carrier (chief). The map has several land airfields and those 2 carriers. Alls aircrafts are assigned to land airfield. (Dogfight/MDS) When I test the same with the stock coral sea campaign (no land airfields) all aircrafts are assigned and the carrier is available in mission. Any ideas?
  15. Hi folks, for some reason I cant choose the Ju52 anymore in our campaigns. All campaigns are own written and the files are edited of course The Ju52 is available in the aircraft class editor but not in squadron editor. Is it a bug? Any hints other maybe? class.dcg IL_4_DB3T IL_4 DB3T ru 1 2 0 193906 194612 none DB-3T none 4000 Meters 320.00 kph Default 320.00 kph IL_4_IL4 IL-4 ru 1 2 0 194206 194612 none IL-4 none 4000 Meters 320.00 kph Default 320.00 kph IL_10 IL-10 ru 1 4 1 194408 194612 none Il-10 IL_2Type3M 2600 Meters 320.00 kph Default 320.00 kph J2M3 J2M3 in 2 1 1 194212 194312 J2M5 J2M3 none 5000 Meters 420.00 kph Default 420.00 kph J2M5 J2M5 in 2 1 1 194306 194612 none J2M5 J2M3 5000 Meters 420.00 kph Default 420.00 kph JU_52_3MG4E Ju-52/3mg4e de 2 3 0 193901 194612 none Ju-52_3mg4e none 2000 Meters 200.00 kph Default 200.00 kph JU_52_3MG5E Ju-52/3mg5e de 2 6 0 194001 194612 none Ju-52_3mg5e none 2000 Meters 200.00 kph Default 200.00 kph JU_87B2 Ju-87B-2 de 2 7 1 193901 194203 JU_87D3 Ju-87B-2 none 3500 Meters 280.00 kph Default 280.00 kph JU_87D3 Ju-87D-3 de 2 7 1 194201 194306 JU_87D5 Ju-87D-3 JU_87B2 3500 Meters 300.00 kph Default 300.00 kph JU_87D5 allpayloads.dcg IL_10 B 4xFAB100 J2M3 B 2x60 J2M5 B 2x60 JU_52_3MG4E B 18xPara JU_52_3MG5E B 18xPara JU_87B2 B 1xSC250_4xSC50 JU_87B2 B 1xSC500 payloads.dcg J2M3 2x60 default default none none default J2M5 2x60 default default none none default JU_52_3MG4E default default 18xPara none none default JU_52_3MG5E default default 18xPara none none default JU_87B2 1xSC250_4xSC50 default 1xSC250_4xSC50 none 1SC1000 default JU_87D3 1xSC500_2xSC250 default 1xSC500_2xSC250 none 1xSC500_2xSC250 default JU_87D5 dcg.ini D:\IL-2 Sturmovik 4.13.4\DCG\ D:\IL-2 Sturmovik 4.13.4\DCG\tobruk41_DE\ D:\IL-2 Sturmovik 4.13.4\ Two Default Default Default Full Full Full Squadron Defaults 250 Kilometers Default Default MassedBombers=False ----- CopyMission=True Dogfight=True Coop=False Not Used AutoGeneration=False Primary=False DSTimes=True Paras=True Briefing=True ShipRoF=10.0 HistDates=False ThirdPartyServer=None LogFileDate=[25.04.2017 20:26:21] Tracking=True NoTransfers=False Night=False DGEN_Replacement=False TankDG=True TransitAlt=Default TgtEgressAlt=Transit Altitude TgtAlt=Transit Altitude TgtIngressAlt=Transit Altitude IPAlt=Transit Altitude TgtIngressOffset=Default IPOffset=Default TOStepAltBox=Default NormandyBase=False Death=True AirStarts=False TOCircle=Only Escorts & Escorted IECoordinates=Only Level Bombers Use CruiseSpeed=Default Language=English GameID=1946 NGEN_Replacement=False SingleMap=False PalmTrees=True RuSupplyRate=1/Squadron/Day DeSupplyRate=1/Squadron/Day TrackPlayerRanks=True AircraftDowngrades=False LinkMax=False DataFiles=D:\IL-2 Sturmovik 4.13.4\DCG\Tobruk41\ DeShipSkill=Rookie RuShipSkill=Rookie ShipSunk=True ActiveFront=True DDRoF=10.0 BridgeRepairTime=1 Mission BornPlaceRadius=1051 TimePassage=Normal ServerInfo= ServerActive=False Balance=Balanced SCPlaneLimits=No SCTimeLimits=No Time Limit SquadronManagement=True IngressSpeed=Default FixedStartDates=False CountStaticPlanes=Yes VoteLevel=100 Radio=Campaign Default RandomNoseArt=False NoUserLoadout=False BeachheadResets=False MDS=True RUProp=No StaticPlanes=No Spawn NativeRuProp=False DSMinutes=Default
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