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Default fuel load for different aircraft


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I need some advice here. You may also know some of the aircraft have pretty bad performance if fuel load is 100%. Examples are P51 and F4u. However the default fuel load is 100% for all aircraft in game. I know you can change the fuel load for your unit, but not for other units. Now my sister units equipped with 100%loaded p51s are getting shot out of sky like no tomorrow. Is there any way to change the default load by aircraft?

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Yep, via timetable.dcg, again:


19420101 SetFuel II_JG10 = 75


You have to set it only once for each squad, preferably at campaign start (if you want to start a new campaign). Now you know where and how to put it into the file ;)




[Date from which the command will be effective]_SetFuel_[squadId]_=_[Fuel percentage]



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