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Lessons on some syntax


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Hi, I am trying to learn some of the syntax in those dgen files.  This may not be relevant to DCG, but I am pretty sure some of the DCG experts know what I am talking about.  In an Ops file for one of my campaigns, I see the following lines:


oRuBombAF VVS 24HB, 12U Lw 4F, 8F, 4F

To translate this line into plain English is an allied(red) airfield bombing mission with 24 heavy bombers and 12 escort fighters (player squadron) and German(Blue) has 3 flights of fighters of 4, 8 and 4 planes each respectively.  Is my translation correct?


If the player is on Blue side for the same mission, it would be instead like this:

oDeDefendAF  vvs 24HB, 12F Lw 4Y, 8F, 4F


Is my understanding of the codes correct?



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