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FIF TeamSpeak servers

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Here are the current TeamSpeak 3 servers used by the event:

The Red Team TS is being hosted by JG I.
The Blue Team TS is being hosted by Jasta 5.


Should anyone need either the Red or Blue TS addresses, please PM Klaiber.


If either of these teamspeak servers go down unexpectedly, both teams should meet on either the Unofficial Public ROF Teamspeak3 Server or the New Wings TeamSpeak Server:
The Unofficial Public ROF TeamSpeak3 server is:

Label: Unofficial ROF TS Server
Address: ts3.riseofflight.net:7777
Nickname: [user defined]
Server Password: 1917


The New Wings TeamSpeak3 Server is:


Label: New Wings


Nickname: [user defined]

Server Password: [no password]

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