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How can I change my rank?


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When I create a new campaign, it sometimes happens that I choose a rank for my pilot that I want to change atfter some missions. Mainly I wish to do this to get a wingman, i.e I took an oberfeldwebel, and lately want to change it for a major. Ok, I laucnch DCG, squadron editor panel, double-click on my pilot and make an alteration I need. I generate a new mission, run the game, and...nothing. I have a mission where I am at the end of the list, without any wingman, as if I was an oberfeldwebel. It seems that any change I make in DCG has no effect on my rank created from the start. If you took a too low rank, you cannot change it forcibly, more excatly the changes you made will have no effect on the place you take in your wing. Maybe somebody have any idea where the game keep this settings?

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