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„Selected aircraft not created“


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I‘m running a Coop DCG campaign with my squad on BAT. Somehow we randomly get the message „selected aircraft not created“ after we picked a slot and hit „fly“

I thought it might be caused by the „delayed start time“ option in DCG but it isn’t.

anyone has a clue?

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I used a tool called „data integration tool“ to add BAT aircraft. The Programm should define everything necessary for DCG for each individual plane. But the problem does also happen with vanilla aircraft. Randomly means that I don’t know why. Sometimes I just need to generate a new mission and the problem doesn’t appear for this particular mission. It’s kind of weird.

This is the only source that I found related to the issue:


EDIT: no matter which plane/slot I select. The issue is appearing for every aircraft on this mission. It’s like a matter of chance (I know it’s not) that the problem appears again if I generate a new mission.

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Is there ANYTHING else you have modified? Does the the issue appear in every map or only in some?

Regarding planes, how many have you added? If there aren't that many, could you add them manually, starting from stock DCG files? Maybe Data Integration Tool modifies something apart from the planes files, so make sure you start from a stock DCG installation.


Edit: could you check the squadron names of the, well, squadrons, created  when you get the faulty mission? Maybe copy the mission before creating a new one.

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I already tried to add them manually but… well that’s waaaaay to much work and I really tend to do some mistakes while typing them manually. The tool does that pretty good no issues so far. 
I leave you it’s link here so you can take a look about what I does and what not:


I already added about 100 Planes if I remember correctly… might be more… it’s been a while.

I will try to generate a faulty mission again and upload it here. In the past we played the Mariana Campaign a lot and the issue never appeared. Now we are playing the Italy 43 campaign and it’s there. I also remember that we use to play Italy 43 a few years ago and the issue also appeared back then. Lately we played some Normandy 44 missions even with the same planeset (FW-190, Bf-109 G-6) … at least the issue didn’t appear for the few missions we flew.

I also might have to check if the issues is linked to a faction (axis/allies) or to a specific Planeset.

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To check if it's the planes, remove all the new planes and see what happens. If the game doesn't give you issues, it's the planes. I wold guess that there would be issues with files in which the planes are called, though.


If it's the planes, add one plane. If it gives you issues, swap for another plane. If the issue persists, itmeans that adding the planes is the issue. If not, you found the faulty plane.

To search for faulty planes, you can remove half of the planes. If the game works, the plane is in the planes you removed. If not, it's in the ones you kept. Keep removing half of the planes until you find the faulty one

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