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Mission finishes in 1 minute "Mission complete"


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Hi guys!

I really would like to use this tool, but can't come to grips on how to use it. 

Each created mission finishes in  minute, even if it's not AI just fly in circles near the mission starting point.

 Also, some of missions doesn't have take-off, and start mid-air. 

Here are the options that I'm using:


I will be grateful for any suggestions, thank you!

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44 minutes ago, idefix44 said:

In your game's Difficulty Settings have a look at:

No Instant Success

Set it ON is needed if I remember well...


Thanks a lot for letting me know, I'll be sure to try this. 

Sorry for stupid question, is there is any requirement from the game side to get back to base and land on the field? 
(exiting mission via ESC is not very realistic, but will do the same thing, I guess?)

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