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  1. DCG NEVER creates two times the same mission.
  2. I guess (may be am I wrong ) that you think like a wargamer. IL2 is more a sim than a game for me, so I believe that your request isn't possible to satisfy. In other words, using IL2 allows to be a WWII pilot not to be a decision maker in his General Headquarters. However, when you play a campaign, using DCG and being a pilot, if your squadron's mates survive after the missions they complete, their skill increases (with their experience)...
  3. Not yet get paras or gliders on the red side. [usa0100] Planes 2 Skill0 1 Skill1 1 pilot0 us_03.bmp pilot1 us_02.bmp Class air.C_47 Fuel 75 weapons default [usa0100_Way] NORMFLY 72275.00 102675.00 3000.0 220.00 &0 F7 NORMFLY 48813.00 128612.00 3000.0 220.00 &0 F7 NORMFLY 49950.00 129950.00 1000.0 220.00 &0 F7 NORMFLY 47675.00 152675.00 3000.0 220.00 &0 F7 NORMFLY 70000.00 200000.00 3000.0 220.00 &0 F7 NORMFLY 69999.00 -990000.00 3000.0 220.00 &0 F7 [215Squadrontc00] Planes 0 Class air.C_47 Fuel 75 weapons default [215Squadrontc00_Way] NORMFLY 70350.00 198850.00 3000.0 220.00 &0 F7 NORMFLY 45325.00 173075.00 3000.0 220.00 &0 F7 NORMFLY 45500.00 172500.00 1000.0 220.00 &0 F7 NORMFLY 45150.00 148850.00 3000.0 220.00 &0 F7 NORMFLY 70000.00 100000.00 3000.0 220.00 &0 F7 NORMFLY 70000.00 990000.00 3000.0 220.00 &0 F7
  4. Added a line about C_47 in the allpayloads.dcg file and put the modified file in the campaign folder. BLENHEIM4 B 4x250 C_47 B 28xPara CantZ506B B 12x50 Going to test it as soon as this evening session and let you know. Have a good day.
  5. The missions dates are OK (we are in 1944, december) and I have _Dropzone locations. I saw that there is a line for the C_47 in the payloads.dcg file but not in the allpayloads.dcg file. Is it normal. Thanks Sir. Have a good day.
  6. Hi Sir, Dogfight mode. dcg.ini, Paras=True. German side, Ju 52 drops 18xPara and He 111 tows Me 321. Allied side, neither paras nor glider. Can you fix it? Have a good day.
  7. 1st - Each time you run a new mission, buildings are new-build. 2nd - The houses.dcg file is used by DCG to record the [House] objects added in the master file using the FMB when the campaign is created. As far as I know, (I enjoy IL2 since 2007, several thousands of hours, more than a lot of real life pilots 😎) excluding the bridges , the destructions of objects aren't tracked (and I never need/try to know how Lowengrin do it...)
  8. Have you try?: Kyushu45_sea] 19450623 TCapture Axis Kita-Kyushu_Harbor 19450623 TCapture Axis Fukuoka_Harbor 19450623 TCapture Axis Sasebo_Harbor 19450623 TCapture Axis Sasebo 19450623 TCapture Axis Sasebo_Factory_District
  9. One thing is sure. DCG works fine. The problem can be: 1- Due to the modded game version used (actived mods and/or some planes behave like ghost planes). 2- The host PC power. Wich amount of RAM your client can it use?
  10. It seems that clients with different versions of the modded game are able to join your session. Some player install have a compatibility mod, some others havent it installed. This can't works fine. Have a try with a light mission (AI planes, moving columns etc) with all the clients connected with the same installation (actived mods) than the host (you).
  11. You host the coop missions with a Dedicated Server or with a client?
  12. In the timetable.dcg file, can you, please, add in the next beta, 3.50 Build 4, if it isn't too late, an example of use for the new PriorityLandingSite command? Thanks.
  13. Do you use modded version of IL2?
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