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  1. Use the airfieldrestrictions.dcg file.
  2. A lot of squadrons and columns/static objects, I guess...
  3. idefix44


    Wich version to you use?
  4. Mission4Today is The Site about IL-2 community. You can register without fear.
  5. HyperLobby Server: Ciel-De-Guerre IL2 1946 4.13.4m Vanilla Map: Slovakia Pe-8s: AIs (crew's skill is average) Fw 190 A-5s: NAST-crapouillo (first kill) and NAST-idefix44 Two Fw 190 A-5s intercept two Pe-8s above Levice (H1) Thanks for watching
  6. Lunch can be a good excuse. I agree with that.
  7. Hi Sir, From a dcgerror.txt: [2020/07/01 23:07:49.505] Troop reinforcements at Spisska_Nova_Ves_Supply_Depot from USSR_CargoTrain/AA_85. [2020/07/01 23:07:49.536] Troop reinforcements at Markusovce from USSR_CargoTrain/AA_86. [2020/07/01 23:44:28.140] End Stationary Front Routine. [2020/07/01 23:44:28.155] Creating column paths. [2020/07/01 23:45:06.353] 19_Chief is deploying artillery. [2020/07/01 23:45:06.463] 20_Chief is deploying artillery. What DCG is it doing from 23:07:49.536 to 23:44:28.140 (37 min!), in other words what is the Stationary Front Routine?
  8. NameSquad: CHANGE SQUADRON NAME/DESIGNATION Syntax: DATE NameSquad "Squadron ID" "Squadron new ID" examples: 19410807 NameSquad g010 II_JG770 notes: The command changes the squadron ID. Squadrons ID are to be used according to Il2 Squadron ID routine. see Squadid.dcg file for a list of most Il2 Squadrons.
  9. The DCG CAMPAIGN INFORMATION (v3.21) (Compiled by Tailspin) : http://www.mediafire.com/file/huplrffmqz0ooxt/dcg_campaign_info_v321.zip/file And the Lonestar's External DCG Campaign PDF : https://forum.jg1.org/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=2017 Are all you need. Please, download this 2 formidable tools, read them carrefully and enjoy...
  10. How many hours? Honestly I don't remember. Maybe 500 hours... 400 at least. The Slovakia map is one of the most beautiful of the vanilla version of IL2... Here is a link: https://cieldeguerre.xooit.fr/t17-Campagne-dynamique-en-cours.htm The campaigns, the maps, the front lines and the locations
  11. Hi Sir, About the 15 minutes to generate a mission, from my own campaign using the map Slovakia: 1857 locations in the locations.dcg file, 5658 static objects in the stationary.dcg file 2346 roads in the rds file 93 moving objexts in the columns.dcg file I think that il2dcg.exe have to loop a few time to generate a mission...
  12. IL2 1946 4.13.4m Vanilla Missions on Ciel-De-Guerre are very heavy. They are created on the fly using Lowengrin's Dynamic Campaign Generators (DCG). Due to the great quantity of objects (moving and statics, in the air and on the ground) to manage, the creation of each mission can need up to 15 min... To join, stay connected and play the missions you must install IL2 Selector. https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,16403.0.html This video is about how we enjoy to use IL2 + Lowengrin's DCG. It is our tribute to 362nd Fighter Group. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_dYBO
  13. Got it in [Bessarabia41] I only had a look at [Examples]...
  14. And the syntax in order to use Aggressor is: DATE Aggressor SIDE? Example: 19440606 Aggressor Allied
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