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  1. Yeah, think I'm just gonna stick with 4.13 for now. At least until some "reforms" occur in 4.14. First time I've ever backed off an IL-2 update since the very first version of the game way back when, before it even had DGen at all. Some great new content, esp the new maps, atmosphere, and of course the new flyables, but it is unnecessarily oppressive when it comes allowing third party stuff. Not worth the trouble.
  2. Thanks again, Paul. Can't download though, both links point to v3.48
  3. Your continued support for IL-2 is more than anyone could have ever hoped for. IMO DCG should have long since been incorporated into IL-2 years ago. I use tons of individual mods now, but if I were only allowed to use just one third-party addon to a vanilla install, DCG would certainly be the one. Can't thank you enough, Paul.
  4. More amazing that you still stick around to support it after all these years. Imo, there's not much point to IL-2 without a DCG campaign, especially for offliners. A dynamic and flexible "big picture" adds immeasurable depth and immersion to the sim. Thank you.
  5. Thanks for the replies. @Lonestar: Memory shouldn't be an issue, system has 8GB of RAM, using Win7 64 bit. @II./JG1_Spies: Graphics card is ATI 4770 HD with 512MB of VRAM. The card is a couple of years old but it performs well and runs cool. Using Catalyst Version 11.11, and OpenGL Version Game is run in Perfect Mode under OpenGL. I usually don't upgrade graphics drivers as soon as new versions are available unless I'm experiencing problems, and most of the games I play are older ones anyway. However, the the graphics driver has been upgraded several times while experiencing the issue described in the OP. Also, the problems were occurring well before the .exe was edited with CFF Explorer, and that was only done recently as an act of desperation. I was aware of how much RAM IL-2 uses with DCG running campaigns, about 300 - 350 MB or so, but I figured that it could only help, as it most certainly has with other applications (rFactor with large mods, for instance). No mods were ever installed into IL-2. Anyway, as it would happen, I started a new campaign to reproduce the crash and to send the settings and mission files to Lowengrin, and guess what... . . ...no crash or stutters in the first two missions. Lol! However, this issue is bound to rear itself again in the future whenever I start a new campaign.
  6. Hello. This has actually been a consistent problem for me in the last few versions of DCG, but I've been afraid to post here for I might have missed something on my end that could have fixed it. Alas, I still get these CTDs from time to time. Regarding version 3.46 DCG: > Flying default campaign for German Pilot in Eastern Europe, the Riga Autumn map. In addition to this issue also occurring numerous times in the default, unaltered version of the above campaign that comes with DCG... > Modified Campaign by (Riga Map only): - In the FMB, moved squadrons to the airfields that I wanted them based at by default. - Changed all German 1930 20mm Flaks (the old, ugly, unmanned ones) to 1938 20mm Flaks. - Changed all Soviet 20mm Flaks (the old, ugly, unmanned ones) to the 37mm Flaks. - Slightly re-positioned many of the AA guns at all the airfeilds. - Changed all Soviet BT-7 columns to late model T-26s. - Added a few static ships in the harbors at Memel and Riga (no mobile ships were added -yet- since I'm still learning how that works in DCG). - Added four new off-map airfields - two each for the red and blue sides - to station level bombers. > Settings in the DCG interface are mostly default, except for air density (Moderate), Resupply Rate (3 / week for Blue, 1 / day for Red), and weather (Clear to Poor). Running Stock IL-2 1946 v4.11 (No mods were ever installed). About 80% of the time (after numerous, numerous tests), while flying a mission on the very first day of the campaign (June 22, 1941), the game will either lock up and freeze or CTD about 45 minutes to one hour into the mission, about the time AI aircraft are RTB'ing and landing. At this point in the mission, there are one or two slight hesitations and hiccups - a little less than a second in duration each - about every half minute or so. These hesitations continue at the rate described until either I land and end the mission, or the game locks up or CTDs before I can land and end the mission. The latter occurs far more frequently, and when it does DCG's dgen stops and ends as a process in the windows task manager, or, in the case of just freezing without a CTD, I must <ctl/alt/del> out and manually end the dgen process in the task manager. DCG generates an error log in it's root directory but give no information on the CTD/lockup, only the default logs as it generates a mission. Otherwise, IL-2 1946 and - when enabled - it's default DGen (v4.0.8.7) has been running, and continues to run, without a hitch. Basic System Specs: > Intel i5 750 at 3.2GHz > 8 GB RAM > ATI 4770 HD w/512 Mb VRAM > Enabled "app can handle > 2GB address space" in DCG's dgen.exe with CFF Explorer. I'm at a total loss as to why this keep happening. I've been working at this off and on for more than a year but still cannot isolate the problem. I even turn off my anti-virus while the game is running but it still happens. I hope that you or someone else can give me a hand with this as it's getting frustrating. I've been working on building a new DCG campaign but this is really throwing the proverbial monkey wrench into the project. Thanks!
  7. Easy fix' date=' thanks! It won't appear if there is no folder for it in PaintSchemes. DCG determines which planes you have in your version by the paint folders. So check that you have one - I noticed a lot of new planes didn't. It's already there, under Paintschemes/Skins/S-328. Also noticed this in the DCG class.dcg: LetovS_328 Letov S-28 sk 2 2 0 193412 194412 none LetovS_328 none 2600 Meters 160.00 kph Default 160.00 kph Adding the "3" didn't fix the issue (realigned spaces after the edit).
  8. Thanks for the new Beta! Just noticed a small issue, not really a bug, but just data. The I-15bis is still showing as non-flyable by default in the Aircraft Class Settings window. EDIT - Also noticed the Letov-328 doesn't appear on the Squadron list as an available aircraft even though the campaign date is within its availability. Tree
  9. Ah! That fixed it. Thanks! You know, after messing about in the guts of this, I'm now beginning to understand how interesting modifying campaigns is. Hell, with more work and practice I might even start creating new campaigns... We'll see. Thanks for your help and continued support of this gem!
  10. Thanks for the reply. I hope I'm not being too bothersome about this, but though I've been using DCG for years, I'm completely new at making these kind of changes beyond the DCG Interface and going into the files themselves. Got the Hs-123s working in DCG now. It was a bit more work than I anticipated, and getting the FB plane codes right took a little guesswork (apparently, there are two different FB plane codes for each aircraft...? :/). Working on the TBD... Still having some trouble with the offmap airfields. Tried using the coordinates and waypoints for Rabaul/Rabaul_Airfield and Townsville/Townsville_Airfield in the newguinea.rds file. After copying and pasting them into the Riga.rds file I renamed them [Leningrad_Airfield to Leningrad] and [EastPrussia_Airfield to EastPrussia], respectively. Also entered in all four new locations into the offmap.dcg file. Then I made these changes in [Riga41] in the allcampaigns.dcg file: [Riga41] Campaign=Grand_Campaign Map=Riga Date=01/03/1940 <---- Just wanted to start at a earlier date. Attacker=Blue Front=Tilsit_Bridge346 DeHome=Memel RuHome=Riga_Bridge399 DeBase=Memel_Airfield RuBase=Leningrad_Airfield <---- Changed from Riga_Airfield Locale1=Memel_Factory_District Locale2=Saugos_Bridge123 Locale3=Gross-Skaisgiren_Airstrip Locale4=Tilsit_Airfield Locale5=Kuckerneese_Bridge116 Locale6=Cranz Locale7=Cranz_Airfield Locale8=EastPrussia_Airfield <---- Added New Locale Started a new campaign and noticed that on the briefing map, there was a second front marker in the extreme lower left of the map as though the Russians had possession of the EastPrussia Airfield, though on the DCG interface I could still place German aircraft in EastPrussia. However, the distance of the EastPrussian airfield from the front was only 97 kilometers (the front was the default Tilsit Bridge front). Once in mission and flying over Cranz Airfield, I saw explosions from a battle just southwest of the Cranz Airfield, about where the new front marker was. Nothing looked different in the northeast corner of the briefing map, and I could place Russian Aircraft in the Leningrad Airfield on the DCG interface. The distance to the front was an acceptable 300 kilometers, though I would like a bit more distance, like 350 or 400 (if necessary). What created the new front and how do I eliminate it from the map (no fighting in East Prussia to begin with)? Also, if I'm making more work out of this than is necessary please let me know. Thanks again!
  11. Hello. Asked this in the Lowengrin.com Chatbox as well, but figured it was probably more appropriate to ask here instead, and registered in the forums. So, how does one actually add off-map airfields to, say, the maps included in the "German Pilot in Eastern Europe" DCG campaigns? I'd like to use off-map airfields for long range aircraft (He-111, DB-3, PE-8, etc.) and not restrict these types of aircraft to the airfields that are on the map. I've read Tailspin's document but I'm still a bit confused on adding an "Off-Map" airfield. The way I understand the document, all I have to do is simply go into the allcampaigns.dcg file and edit the DeBase= and RuBase= lines and input "Off-Map_Airfield" into those lines for the maps that I want off-map airfields used? Is it that simple? (Hope so... Mission building isn't [yet] my strong suit.). Also, pending whether or not a new version of DCG will come out that includes the new planes included in the recently released v4.11 for IL-2 1946, how do you add aircraft types to be used in DCG. I've studied the payloads.dcg and class.dcg files in the Data folder and think I understand what the columns represent in the former example, but am clueless about the group of information in the third column in the class.dcg file (e.g. for the A_20C line - us 1 4 1 194201 194402 A_20G). Thanks!
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