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  1. Sorry to hear that... It's the lack of a dynamic campaign that is going to be the achilles heel of the new sim I am afraid (assuming they made good progress on AI) - sooooo much potential and it otherwise is looking really really great!!!! (which makes it's omission that much more painful ).
  2. Hi Paul, Not sure if you are familiar with the soon to be released title or have been approached by the developers or interested other parties -- or may just have interest on your own level? But it would be amazing news if you were perhaps thinking about it or were able in the future to put something together for it. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1049440/IL2_Sturmovik_Desert_Wings__Tobruk/ I am hoping it may be on the radar? Best wishes and stay safe.
  3. idk, it might be local to me, but I think I found the issue. When I attempted to do a manual restore (back-up and change dgen.bak.bak to dgen.exe), I discovered that dgen was actually still running in my task list. I am thinking that that was why DCG was not able to correctly do the Dgen restoration on it's own (though I didn't see anything in the logs to indicate this) - but I think all is working okay now...seems okay.
  4. Not a huge deal to me as I don't play Dgen anyway, but I noticed that for me at least, with my BAT install (4.12 base), that DCG seems to want to hang on! LOL. I uncheck "replace career generator (Dgen)" - and everything looks fine. However, if I close off DCG then restart it again, I see it back checked again.
  5. Just checking - this version is okay with 4.12.2 (I use with BAT) and 4.13.4 (I use with YPack) or only new 4.14? Thanks for the continued work on this great utility!
  6. Just a suggestion, Idk how easy it would be to do (perhaps it would be(?)), but it would be great if there was a button or ticked setting that made it so squadron editing through DCG could permanently adjust the original campaign files. That way a user, if he or she chooses, could make changes to the squad's assigned aircraft, for example, and have it a permanent adjustment if they wished for that particular campaign - not just this particular incidence of it. It would eliminate external note-pad editing and be a nice utilitarian feature. Just an idea.
  7. Thank you - that was the easier fix and things seem to be okay. I was trying to change campaign config's to the 14F squad and I clearly missed something resulting in the Yak's being flown, lol. Simple and easy was just adjusting the squadsid for the campaign to include 15F squad - idk why I tried the more difficult route. Thanks for pointing out the simple fix. (...now onward as to sort out how to add the earlier P-38's to DCG and the campaigns ...wish me luck, I will probably need it! )
  8. Apologies as this isn't specifically connected with DCG (but partially related) - but I figured I would ask here because I am sure someone knows. My issue is with Lonestar's DCG Solomon's campaign (both stock and modded have the same issue). The problem is that the New Zealand P-40's are spawning on the Japanese airbases - and bad things are happening, lol. I sleuthed it out and discovered the campaign was trying to set 15FSquadron, but a 15FSquadron did not exist in the squadids (though did in the [Wing] section of the .mis files ). I was able to correct the issue after generating the first
  9. Hey, thanks for solving this! - kinda a nuisance work around (thanks team Daidalous ) - anyway, I am much more excited with YPack 4.13.4 than I am with this new 4.14 so I am probably gunna stick with that. But it is nice to know that DCG can be made to work with 4.14. All the best, Paul
  10. Well i don't know what's going on - it makes no sense to me(????). I guess you got it working fine for you (I see on another thread)? 4.14m works fine for me, but as soon as I do anything DCG related, it decides (the base 4.14 game) not to run afterward - and I can't seem to repair whatever it was that prevented it from starting up (resetting back to normal DGen, looking for anything that changed, even deleting dcg config found in 4.14 directory). ??? (In the mean time while I try to sort out what on earth could be happening, I discovered the YPack for 4.13.4m (never knew post 4.12 could
  11. idk, it isn't that wonderful, tbh...and if DCG won't work for it, then I am not going to bother playing it.
  12. Might just be local to me, idk, but I cannot get IL2 1946 4.14m to start after I select "Replace Career Generator (Dgen)". I tried it with both il2dcg349beta30 and il2dcg349beta29. The game fails to start. No error message, no black screen - just it doesn't start up whatsoever. If I uncheck the "replace career generator" button, restoring the original dgen, it does not fix the problem. Not sure what is going on. And yes, 4.14 was working fine prior to linking DCG to it. Confused (???). (oh, btw Paul, your download link on your blogspot page links official 3.49 to the older 3.48)
  13. Well here is what is coming regarding new maps on official 4.14 (apparently very soon as they are already on RC 3 or 4 testing I think): - The Battle for Moscow-Autumn - The Battle for Moscow-Winter - The Battle for Moscow-Spring - The Battle for Moscow-Summer - The Battle for Donbass-Summer - The Battle for Donbass-Autumn - The Battle for Donbass-Winter - The Battle for Donbass-Spring - Arctic Circuit summer (1942-44) - Arctic-winter (1942-44) - Arctic (summer 1941) - Arctic (winter 1941) - Khalkhin-Gol 39 - Franz Josef Land (North Pole) - Pacific Islands Online ref: http
  14. Thank you!!!! I lost all the older DCG campaigns after a hard drive crash and new system and I am hoping to get them back and that they are available once again.
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