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  1. This is great news! I'm loving DCG and Maybe I will set up some coops with friends! thank you
  2. I was wondering if you could implement a way to set every aircraft to use its default transit alt (as used in DGen) as some are quite ridiculous. Especially Russian ones (5000m for I-16?!).
  3. I have been playing a lot of the old "Disaster on the Frontiers" campaign because it works great with vanilla IL-2 and also has excellent templates and what not. Is there any way to get something like this working in DCG?
  4. arquillos you are a god EDIT: Unless Mega is banned in Russia, the link is broken
  5. No worries! From what I've read, you have a pretty interesting list! I just don't have time to make my own and play them with my friend group these days, so it would be an absolute treat to have them at some point!
  6. After the collapse of the Lowengrin site some good 3rd party DCG campaigns seem to have been lost. There are a few also on all-aircraft-simulations, but the admin is not active to approve my account, so I cannot download. Does anyone have some 3rd party DCG campaigns for stock they could upload to like google drive or something and send to me lol Misha
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