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  1. Ok, Just under the wire here. Current SCG skinpack is going to just be my skins for now, since Sinerox was uncertain as to what he wanted to do for a skin and we are still working on getting the rest of SCG into FiF Hopefully I will be able to expand this for next season. Current date / version of skin(s): Jan 28th, 2019 Name of virtual squadron and/or individual: SCG (At this stage just Wulfe's skins) Name of author (required) : Wulfe [ link to virtual squadron page (optional) ] www.simulatedcombatgroup.com [ link to paint schemes (required) ] SCG Skin Pack - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JgaKrEwl3pinNmvYbthstMj34jPX1z_O
  2. Awesome, Thanks Klaiber. I will get Sinerox to sign up to forums. Unfortunately Doughboy is no longer SCG. Looking forward to it all. Thanks again.
  3. If you could sign up both SCG_Wulfe and SCG_Sinerox affiliated with SCG: www.simulatedcombatgroup.com Prefer central powers but will fly wherever needed. We are EST. Will fly whichever team looks like it needs more numbers. (Red or Blue)
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