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  1. My hope is that this Yo-Yo, who seems to be responsible for the DCS MiG-29 flight model, will not be involved with the full fidelity MiG-29, as he is totally resistant to any input. He indeed did quite a good job with the aerodynamic intricacies (although they feel a little exaggerated here and there, but this may well be due to the crappy steering behavior), but he totally failed to take into account the limitations of PC flight simulation hardware and adjust the simulated FCS accordingly - and he is not willing to change this one bit. It's frustrating.
  2. I like how smoothly the pilot can control the MiG-29 in the pattern in RL, no oscillations, no excessive pitch-up, the plane goes where the pilots wants it... and then there is the DCS MiG-29
  3. Hi, I'm applying for membership in 2.JS/JG-1 "Fritz Schmenkel". What is your Timezone? I'm from Germany, so Central European Time (CET) Do you have a joystick or HOTAS? TM Warthog stick and throttle Do you have TeamSpeak installed, as well as a working microphone? Yes Do you have TrackIR, or a FreeTrack system for view control? Yes, TrackIR What sims are you currently flying? Currently only DCS, before I also used P3D and XP11 alongside, and I'll probably use MSFS soon. How did you hear about J
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