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  1. Great stuff, love the ASP shots!
  2. Firefly


    Welcome aboard Voight, looking forward to flying the MiG-21 together!
  3. Hooray, a European application! Greetings from across your northern border @ataribaby, hope you enjoy your stay. @Klaiber and @Britchot will soon provide you with more details about our squadron. Just FYI, we have some Czechs among our ranks, with @Pragr recently becoming active in DCS: MiG-21.
  4. Congratulations Kliegmann! Do we have permission to call you "Gramps"? 😂
  5. Fresh release from PaddyPatrone, glorious quality!
  6. May be an Eastern Bloc thing then.
  7. I wonder if that's an NVA-LSK thing... @Jonne, any ideas?
  8. East German MiG-21 operations by FAG-15.
  9. Well done chaps! Wish I'd had the time to watch it live, turns out spare time is at a premium during a business trip...
  10. P-52 Merlin? I wonder where they got the inspiration for that name. Joking aside, I'm genuinely surprised that Star Citizen is still a thing. Maybe it's become one of those "too big to fail" items, but in the gaming industry instead of the financial sector...
  11. Prepare yourself for the sound of the 1990s. 😎 Well, technically this was recorded in 1987, but...
  12. Pre-war German music with Max Raabe and the Palast Orchester... Perfect stuff for a slow evening like today.
  13. Now I know that some of you guys may be shaking your heads, but I'm going through a serious case of man crush right now... Watch the video and you'll understand. I LOVE this channel. Makes me miss the barbecue season... I made some good stuff this year in my parents's back garden, but nothing nearly as delicious as this.
  14. Just like Beethoven in his latter years.
  15. Thanks for the advice, will do just that.
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