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  1. Okay Baron, I'll take the plunge. What do I need to do? Just FYI, I'm running a standalone version of the game.
  2. The base version of the game is free, so if you'd like to give the Su-25 a try let us know. We'd be happy to give you a basic course in DCS.
  3. Well, if there are no other takers then I may just be able to squeeze this into my monthly budget. I should be watching my expenses, but that L-39 is really tempting...
  4. Thank you gents! Also a huge thank you to everyone who participated!
  5. The fact this is a name for a piece of legislation makes it even funnier! 🤣
  6. Yeah, the way they scrambled makes me think they were completely unprepared, though they did have around 30 seconds to ready the parts and tyres before Hamilton came in. Was really happy to see so many smiling faces on the podium, doesn't happen often! Random fact: it appears this was the first time in over 30 years that two Honda engines came on the podium in the same race (IIIRC the last time that happened was during the first turbo era with Prost and Senna).
  7. Hey Baron, I'm going to pass. Sorry for keeping you waiting.
  8. ...was utter mayhem, as evidenced by this perfect edit of Lewis Hamilton's disastrous pit stop. Whoever made this deserves an award. Oh and the race was great. 🤣 [yes, I know, it's not entirely related to what we do at JG1, but I figured the Racing Team guys might find this amusing]
  9. How about Kampfhubschraubergeschwader (KHG), which was the official designation of East German combat helicopter squadrons? Those German compound names are as amusing as they are terrifying to a non-German speaker.
  10. Agreed. Thank you for your generosity! I've been thinking about picking up an L-39. I'm going to have to sleep on it, will let you know tomorrow.
  11. These ones are truly special, I've never seen them online before today. "Unsere Mi", an NVA training video with an introduction to every helicopter type operated by the Armeefliegerkräfte. Sadly there are no shots of Mi-24Ps, 12 of which were operated by KHG-5 - they were taken into inventory mere months before Mauerfall. A short film on the Mi-24. Includes live fire with anti-tank guided missiles. NVA/LSK road base (Autobahn) operations, filmed not long before East Germany ceased to exist. Too cool!
  12. Is it just me, or is this the future of helicopters?
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