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  1. That wasn't an actual quote, I don't have a wife (yet)... Should've cleared that up, sorry. I feel your pain though. As a dog person, I'm glad you got one of your own.
  2. Rocco Siffredi approves of this message. Ah, the art of compromise in marriage. "Wife wanted a cat, I wanted a dog, so we compromised and now we have two cats".
  3. I just cycle them periodically. Must be hot at your place in the summer...
  4. Senna vs. Mansell, now that's something I'd happily use as my own desktop background.
  5. I'll drop you a PM, a package is on its way to your inbox.
  6. Every Melodysheep video is a feast for the eyes, ears and soul. This one's my favourite.
  7. Excellent choices, especially the Renault!
  8. McLaren MP4/4, Jordan 191... You have fine taste in both cars and aircraft Lip.
  9. Just found my new desktop background. Quality isn't stellar, but it'll do.
  10. Here's a selection of some of my favourites.
  11. Well, these guys are doing the MB-339, so they're in a good position to make other Italian Air Force aircraft after that's done. If rumours are to be believed, their next project will be the Fiat G.91, but don't quote me on that. Some of their team members have already done some Starfighter stuff for other sims. I'd love to try out the F-104 ASA/M in DCS.
  12. Great idea for a thread, +1. This is what I'm reading right now. The effort that the author put into research is incredible. Can't recommend this enough. https://www.calum-douglas.com/current-book-the-secret-horsepower-race/
  13. HoI4 is also a pain in that regard, when you put the game at speed 5 it feels like speed 3 at game start. The deluge of DLCs is why I've put off purchasing more Paradox titles - IMHO grabbing them in a bundle or a large sale is the way to go. CK3 runs on an improved version of the Clausewitz engine with integrated DirectX 11 support. Not sure if that improves multi-core use or not, but from what I've been told the new games feel quite smooth.
  14. My best friend, who was once an avid CK2 player, says CK3 is one of the best games he's ever played.
  15. I play HoI IV, but I'm a filthy casual who only ever plays offline. Same goes for all the other Paradox titles.
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