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  1. Yawn. We need more REDFOR planes, not this modern crap!
  2. I just hope the movie is better than the trailer, because the latter has so many inaccuracies that it gave me a headache.
  3. Firefly


    Hello Dima, welcome to JG-1 boards!
  4. A man of culture I see... Welcome to the forums!
  5. @Klaiber, this recruitment campaign of yours is working like a charm, glad we have so many Euro applications. Welcome to our boards @Anstennje Sause!
  6. Both of them do. I'm quite partial to the sound of a lovely V12, be it a Rolls-Royce or a Daimler-Benz. 😊
  7. Morning all, one of my favourite video channels, C&Rsenal, has recently been demonetised by YouTube admins. I'd hate to see them flounder after years of doing fantastic documentaries on the history and development of World War I firearms, which is why I've decided to support them by upping my Patreon pledge. Unfortunately many other channels that do history shows are at a constant risk of being stripped of ad revenue, which is why Patreon support is so important to so many of them. That's why I'm starting this thread - perhaps some of you would like to support these creators yourselves and free them of the chain around the neck that is AdSense. Please have a look at one of their most recent episodes - they purchased and restored a genuine WW1-production MP 18, I and did a video on it. This is why I love independent content creators. Cheers, Firefly.
  8. Great, no more naughty jokes on TS then. 😕 Seriously though - hello and welcome!
  9. As a petrolhead and a propellerhead... I realise its creator put a lot of work into it, but looking at made one of my eyeballs rot and fall out. Be right back, need to find a pirate eyepatch.
  10. Firefly


    Yay, another recruit from glorious Yurop! Welcome aboard @Shredcrab, hope you enjoy your stay!
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