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  1. Just found out that Lando shortened Lewis' lead on the last lap not by half a second, but by 1.5 seconds... I realise Hamilton was being held up, but WOW, what a stunning performance from Norris! Btw, apparently McLarens recorded the fastest times in every sector. There's some serious pace from the MCL35. I'm really glad that Zak Brown's hard work is paying off now. They couldn't have timed that performance better, as the team looked like it was going to get into serious financial trouble. Now they'll have an easier time finding a long-term investor.
  2. True, Albon was 2/3rds of a car length ahead of Hamilton. @Barton - McLaren didn't take that long to get on the podium, remember Hamilton's penalty and Sainz's belated podium in Brazil last year? There's a popular theory circulating the interwebs - if Hamilton hits Albon a McLaren ends up on the podium. 😂
  3. Agreed, Bottas kept a cool head under enormous pressure. Hamilton's penalty was IMHO justified, but whether Albon was bit optimistic when he went for an outside pass is another matter. Vettel looks like he doesn't give a flying crap about what's going on, he's there to collect his pay and bugger off at the end of the season. Carlos drove a fine, measured race and demonstrated why Ferrari picked him over a 4-time world champion. Leclerc is showing incredible maturity and drove so well he must've made The Professor (Alain Prost) proud, and that's with a car that's now firmly in the midfield in terms of raw pace. Norris has incredible one-lap speed (he gained half a second on Hamilton on the last lap! On fresh rubber, I know, but still) but needs to get used to running at the front of the field - maturity will come with experience. It's great to see McLaren second in the constructors' standings, but I don't think that will last (IMHO their best-case scenario is third, which would've been unthinkable two years ago). Red Bull has had a catastrophic start of the season. Worse still, that was on their home turf. The Pink Panthers screwed up by not calling in Perez during the first Safety Car. Checo is renowned as a master of tyre management, but in these conditions and after so many laps on mediums he had few options left. The Mercs looked imperious, but I wonder if they can keep those reliability woes in check - that gearbox issue looked very serious. If the rest of this year's races are going to be half as eventful as this one then we're gonna have a very exciting season. Can't wait for next week!
  4. What a race! I'll let the video do the talking...
  5. Hello DJ, welcome to JG1 boards. Our CO will drop you a message shortly.
  6. My dear American friends, on this special holiday please accept this gift of sizzling bacon from your European colleagues. Sincerely, Firefly XO II.JS, JG-1 "Fritz Schmenkel". MOV_0007.mp4
  7. Not much to say except that I'm VERY excited for this weekend. Can't wait to see how the boys in orange do in the race, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Carlos. I also wonder if the pink Mercedes is going to live up to the hype. Ze Germans picked up right where they left off in 2019, dominating free practice. I was hoping the Red Bulls would be nipping at their heels, but the RB16 appears skittish and tricky to drive. The Italian teams are nowhere - looks like the pandemic affected them worst. Renault's pace seems promising, but I'm not holding my breath - their response to Danny Ric's departure to McLaren for 2021 has been anything but professional. Looking forward to FP3 and quali tomorrow.
  8. I've seen that before, it's on my list of things to do before I kick the bucket.
  9. Wow, just wow. From the first comment (pinned by the author of the video):
  10. Oi, my birthday is in a week and a half, I call dibs on the MiG!
  11. Oh yeah, they are made for twisty roads. A friend of mine also had a 2nd gen Turbo. Man, what a fun car that was! Speaking of RX-7s...
  12. As much as I like Peter Ustinov, this documentary has a few errors... The rather unflattering description of the Zvezda KM-1M ejection seat is a case in point. As for the videos I've been watching, this is a fascinating one: I also found this gem in my YouTube favourites - 9000 rpm of 4-rotor goodness housed in a purpose-built tube frame chassis. I've been infatuated with the Wankel rotary ever since I test drove a first-gen RX-7 way back in 2006.
  13. If you call him up, please let him know Poland wants her MiG back. I wonder if the seller would accept a truckload of pierogi as payment. I'd be happy to throw in a couple of cases of Polish vodka to seal the deal.
  14. Not sure if I'd posted this before, but it's worth a watch. It's a 1990s helmet cam taken by a Viggen pilot during ACM training. Press "CC" for English subtitles. Here's another one, a 1970s documentary about the Swedish STRIL air defence system.
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