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  1. Found a couple of inconsistencies. Fixed. messages_ru.rar
  2. Yes, now it is more convenient to read, and it looks like a whole.
  3. It was a pleasure to cooperate. In general, I have known your Generator for a long time, but somewhere in 2008 I got mired in online. Thanks.
  4. Returned [Errors], once again flew, seems to suit everything. Maybe it's the final 😀 messages_ru.rar
  5. Yes, I agree. I will return it and put it out as it is ready. I'll try it, or I'll send it to the file sharing service as a last resort
  6. I found one strange thing. I once checked all this case on Il-2 4.08 a couple of days ago, and created a campaign there, everything worked, just beta-tested ) But when I slipped him a fresh message_ru, launched DCG and accidentally clicked on the "Create Player Defined Campaign" icon, an error like this came out: "\uxxx"... I closed it and decided that it was a conflict of old files and started it again and there was no more error. So, maybe the [Errors] section did not need translation? I cannot now reproduce the error to check
  7. Found one discrepancy, sent it by mail.
  8. Well, I think I figured it out, of course I haven't checked everything yet, but I've already looked at something, it seems to work [Errors] also translated. If I notice anything, I will let you know. messages_ru.dcg
  9. Yes, that's exactly what I do.
  10. And I need it without corrections, otherwise I can't read it, there are many unreadable steel. It is easier for me to translate from English anew )
  11. Does not want to send by e-mail, says the file is unsafe, although he is already like Il-2 Il-2 ru This utility right here. You can select any .txt; .dcg; .mis ... file. by default .properties
  12. I can translate right in this utility, but I need the same file, but before making these corrections. added While translating the [Errors] section and finding the missing <TYPE> tag in the [News] section. This line "A <TYPE> unit was destroyed near" was without this tag, so I did not see what was destroyed
  13. Got it, will test upd Now I looked through the utility "il2_ru.exe" (for editing ru.properties and any .txt) and saw that the lines you inserted were distorted in grammar. Maybe the formatting broke when copying? I'll try to correct it right there. Here is an example of what they began to look like: Had - уничтожил дружественный <TYPE> и получает выговор. Has - уаичтажиа дружествеаарй <TYPE> и аааучает вргаварР P.S. Can't attach files anymore, 0.32mb left.
  14. Yes, if I notice anything, I will let you know.
  15. Подредактировал ещё раз. Дело в том, что многие слова имеют привязку к событиям или к определенному контексту, а в нашем языке от этого зависит, какое слово или построение фразы будет выбрано. Я подчеркнул спорные моменты. Надо в игре смотреть, тогда понятно станет, что имеется ввиду )
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