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Big hello from the FoxBats


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Where an international squad,players from USA,Europe.We played alot of il2 before we moved onto RoF.We all

upgraded or comps for cliffs of dover but it wasn't up to standard so we moved to RoF and never looked back.

Hoping it will get fixed at some stage BTW.


JG1_Maushake_J10 flew with us on TS last week and had fun time.I would've got back sooner but RL has me busy at the mo.Look forward to hearing from and flying with or against JG1.





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S! T4,


Thanks for stopping by - it's great to meet you. Maus has been telling us about the awesome time he had flying with you guys.


It would definitely be great if we could get something informal going between our two squadrons. JG1 is still dividing it's time between IL-2 1946 and RoF, but we always available for a good dogfight or a training night. Our usual Jasta nights are Mondays and Wednesdays. Jastas 4, 10 and 11 are North American. Jasta 6 is European.


We tried to get into Cliffs of Dover too, but were very disappointed with how it turned out. I really hope that 1C is able to get back on track, but it looks like CoD will just stay broken, unfortunately.


Right now, our hope for WW2 is with DCS P-51D. We're hoping (praying) for flyable full cockpit German fighters to be added.


Hope to talk to you more soon!





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